Your shyness may be the reason for your loneliness

We can say, “It is difficult to stand up to shyness, it almost dominates the person. It negatively affects social, work and life. The individual avoids all kinds of communication, he almost withdraws into his own shell”. So, is it possible to get rid of shyness and overcome it? Psychologist Batuhan Toprak gave important information about the subject for readers.

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Do you feel more and more lonely every day, because of your fears about communicating, in new social situations or at work that you have to enter? do you feel Do not worry; You are not alone in this. Like all other shy people, you have sentenced yourself to an invisible prison and it is up to you to get out of this prison.

First, try to understand yourself again through how shy people feel.

How does a shy person feel?

  • Feels as if everyone is watching him and talking about him among themselves,
  • Avoids social situations and has trouble keeping warm
  • They make unrealistic assessments of their own personality and they believe that people think like this
  • They have a very difficult time starting a new relationship, dating or friendship
  • They are excluded because they do not participate in social environments and are not noticed
  • They want to leave immediately by making excuses in a social environment

What can you do to get rid of shyness? How to overcome shyness?

First of all, everyone has a level of shyness. While some levels of shyness are considered normal, some levels can even lead to house arrest. The root of this social phobia is a lack of self-confidence.

To give an example of shyness, let’s start with an 8-year-old boy from a school friend who makes fun of the boy’s ears. The boy’s friend made fun of his ears, and the words “you have prominent ears” settled in the child’s subconscious. For this reason, the brain constantly creates a negative perception about the child’s ears. The child does not want to go to school in time. He even avoids going out in public. The child feels as if everyone is talking about his ear in public. However, there is no such thing. Moreover, having prominent ears is not a defect or a mistake.

What can you do?

  • To eliminate your shyness, you must increase your self-confidence; For example, you need to be able to say, “Yes, my ears are protruding, but this gives me a special sympathy.”
  • If this feeling does not go away and your “pronounced ears” cause you a lot of trouble, if you say “I will have plastic surgery”, consult a specialist before having it done. If you want to have it done after consulting the specialist, you can do it again.
  • Be confident. Thus, by becoming aware of your strengths and talents, you can camouflage your flaws.
  • When you feel your shyness phobia come on, stay calm and watch the environment, realize how self-confident and social people who have more flaws than you are.
  • Correct your way of thinking, your actions and your subconscious, because even if thoughts are not spoken, they are reflected in body language.
  • The effect of verbal language in communication is very high, and people’s behavior is governed by the subconscious, not the conscious brain. A person’s body language reveals what they are feeling and thinking, remember that!
  • If your feeling of shyness does not decrease over time, if you feel that the situation is getting worse, you should definitely seek professional support from an expert at the point where you cannot cope.

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