Why is the liver fatty? Cleansing liver fat naturally…

Fatty liver, which brings with it many diseases, is one of the most increasing types of diseases today. However, the most effective way to prevent fatty liver that causes diseases is the foods consumed. Because the liver is exposed to excessive toxins prevents the body from functioning properly. So why does the liver get fat? Cleansing liver fat naturally…

The liver is an organ that is necessary for the body to be purified from toxins. In case of damage, serious diseases occur. It decomposes the vitamins and minerals taken into the body and removes harmful cells from the body. It then supports the synthesis of protein in the body. The liver, which is an indispensable organ for life, decreases in its functions after a certain age. Experts suggest that for this, the body should take antioxidant-rich foods that increase the functionality of the liver. Especially foods rich in trans fats and carbohydrates increase the possibility of liver deformation. It is located under the diaphragm in the abdominal-pelvic region of the chest. It plays an important role in its metabolism. It has many other benefits in the body, including glycogen storage, production of red blood cells, plasma and protein synthesis, hormone production, and detoxification. Fatty liver disease, known as hepatosteatosis, is an insidious disease. It is a little difficult to diagnose early, as the symptoms it gives can be a symptom of many diseases. Especially when fatty liver, triggered by diseases such as obesity, diabetes and cholesterol, is not treated, risky diseases such as inflammatory fatty liver, cirrhosis and steatoheapatite, a type of hepatitis, occur.


The liver cleans the fat from the body and removes it from the body. However, when the enzyme balance is disturbed, it cannot remove the collected fat from the body and lubrication occurs. In addition to every condition from diet to bad life habits, the side effects of some chronic drugs also cause this disease to occur. Rapid weight gain and loss and consumption of high-toxin foods adversely affect the liver. There is an increase in the normal fat ratio of the liver. In addition, the increase in the triglyceride component, which consists of fatty acids in the blood, due to fatty and carbohydrate foods, disease viruses and bacteria are also factors that cause lubrication. Fatty liver, which is more common in people over middle age, is seen at a rate of 30 percent in adult people. It occurs because the balance of liver enzymes is disturbed in an average of 10 people.

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Become one of the heaviest organs, the weight of the liver increases as it gets fat, which causes severe pain in the lower abdomen.

As fatty liver increases, sudden weight loss, weakness and forgetfulness occur.

Sudden deformations occur on the skin surface. For example, there are conditions such as excessive acne and acne.

Weakness occurs in the memory part of the brain.

Pain and odor are experienced during sweating. At the same time, when the rate of toxins in the body increases, the breath also smells bad.

Nausea and red eyes are also rare conditions.

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The first stage of fatty liver is mildly circumvented. It does not cause any serious complications.

– Fatty liver due to nicotine and alcohol can lead to inflammation. Fatty liver that causes navel also disrupts the pH value on the skin surface.

– The fat formed by the explosion of the tissues on the surface of the liver also damages other tissues and organs. In all 3 phases due to the lubrication of the entire surface of the liver, it should be continued under the control of a specialist doctor.

– It causes cirrhosis at the fourth level, which is the en ile level.

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It is a good idea to see a specialist as soon as the symptoms show themselves. After the blood test, the specialist checks the enzyme values ​​of the liver. In addition, examinations such as CT scan, MRI and ultrasound are also performed. In some patients, it is made by taking a sample from the liver. Usually, these patients are recommended drug therapy and regular nutrition. Experts emphasize that people with fatty liver should increase their water consumption during the day.


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