Why is spinal health important? Why does the spine hurt? Ways to prevent spine pain

The spine, which is the pillar of the body and constitutes the movement mechanism, is damaged due to various reasons during the day. We have searched for you who are curious about spinal pain that reduces the quality of life. Pain in the spine affects almost the whole body negatively. Therefore, these pains should not be neglected. Why is spinal health important? Why does the spine hurt? Ways to prevent spine pain

The spine, which crosses the middle of the back of the body by providing the connection between the neck and the waist, is the basis of movement of the body. Movement is one of the indispensable parts of the body. After daily situations, the most damaged spine reduces its mobility. The spine, which sustains the body, is therefore one of the main areas to be taken care of. The damage experienced as a result of a sudden trauma does not only affect the movement, but also paves the way for other regions to be damaged over time. Annular bones descend from the lower part of the brain to the upper part of the hip. These bones contain a soft spinal cord. The spine is made up of bones and muscles. In the spinal cord, there are vessels, nervous systems and fine musculature. There are soft tissues that provide movement between the ring bones in the spine. These tissues extend to the most extreme parts of the whole body.

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spine health affects the whole body


Spinal health is very important as it forms the basis of the skeletal system. The spine, which is slightly curved when viewed from the side, but straight from the front and back, facilitates our back and right movement. On the other hand, it is also very effective on the nervous system. It provides the functionality of the nervous system to spread throughout the body. The easiest way to protect the health of the spine is to lighten the load on it. Also to consult a specialist as soon as pain is felt in the spine. When spinal health deteriorates, physical, movement and basic organs are also deformed.

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Incorrect sitting and lying down are the most damaging to spinal health.


  • Sleeping and sitting in the wrong position negatively affects the bone arrangement of the spine. Therefore, the muscles begin to contract and pain occurs.
  • Since the spine consists of muscles and bones, calcium deficiency in the body not only causes knee, leg or neck pain, but also has a high risk of experiencing the spine.
  • Scoliosis, spinal cord inflammation, increased ribs, neck and lumbar hernias trigger pain in the spine.
  • Untrained sports movements negatively affect the structure of the spine. When the weight of the body is placed on the spine, it can cause severe pain as well as damage.

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avoid smoking for a healthy spine


  1. Avoid putting too much weight on the back.
  2. At least half an hour or 1 hour of brisk walking should be done during the day.
  3. The body should have a weight according to the proportion of bone and height
  4. 2.5 or 3 liters of water should be consumed during the day.
  5. During weight lifting, attention should be paid to the knee and waist position.
  6. Mental health negatively affects the nervous system. Deformation in the nervous system can increase the load on the spine. That’s why you should take regular air and do not heavy exercises during the day.
  7. Smoking causes oxidation in the body by increasing the rate of nicotine in the body. Oxidation weakens body bones.

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