Why is serum applied to those removed from the wreckage? What’s in the serum that got stuck in the wreckage?

After the earthquake in İzmir, the immediate application of serum to those who were pulled out of the rubble was the most curious situation by the public. All eyes turned to the experts. We have compiled the statements made by the experts for you. So why put serum on those who were removed from the wreckage? What’s in the serum that got stuck in the wreckage? Here are the answers to the questions:

After the earthquake in Seferhisar, Izmir, the interventions made while rescuing those who were under the rubble were wondered. It was the most curious thing why serum was given to the patient, especially while he was being removed from the knkaz. Finally, AFAD teams called UMKE medics when Ayda Gezgin was taken out and asked for serum. The serum and the content of the serum in these images, which were reflected live on the screens, were wondered. Experts made a statement on this issue. While staying under the debris for more than a few hours, the body cannot get enough oxygen. In addition, the body damaged by the broken concrete is in shock. In the meantime, it starts to lose its functionality gradually. However, the hidden energies stored in the body are revealed in this process. In the movement that occurs in the command center of the brain, glucose in the blood, that is sugar, is used. Meanwhile, the body tries to take control as before. Being under the debris for a long time causes this situation to be consumed in a short time. Because as oxygen decreases, it also slows the spread of blood throughout the body. Thus, the energy of the body decreases.

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Fatigue occurs after consumption of glucose substance, which is used rapidly after the body’s decreased oxygen. The longer the time to stay under the debris, the less the body gets used to it. This even results in death. Since the body was both hit and left in an airless environment for a long time, after this situation, as soon as the experts are removed from the rubble, serum supplements are available to prevent the body from experiencing a greater shock. Thanks to the serum, the body receives the fluid and glucose it needs functionally. This supplement, which is made with a slow flow from the serum to the veins per second, increases the energy level and ensures that the consciousness is stable.

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The insertion of the serum and the substances in the serum depend on the first intervention given to the patient under the debris. However, most patients receive the same serum. These serums, which contain glucose and water, are inserted through the vein. Thanks to glucose, the falling blood level and sugar are regulated. Water also activates oxygen in the body. It is supported to spread throughout the body in a short time.

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It causes the body to become sluggish. However, the difference between outside air pressure and body temperature gradually increases. Tremors occur. After this, the brain experiences temporary loss of consciousness due to the loss of energy and blood not going to the brain. Due to the rise in the stress hormone, the person experiences feelings such as fear and anxiety.

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