Why is CRP in the blood elevated? What is CRP? How to lower CRP?

The short form of C-reactive protein, the protein produced by the liver, is called CRP. Sometimes this level is quite high or low in blood tests requested by experts. This height or lowness that occurs during different situations in the mechanism during the working process of the body is sometimes a harbinger of a disease. Sometimes it is a disease in itself. So why does CRP in the blood rise? What is CRP? How to lower CRP?

In the blood test, which is used in the early diagnosis of almost most diseases, some values ​​are high and low. One of them is CRP. CRP is a type of protein produced by the liver. The blood test of this substance, which is C-reactive protein, is done specially. The treatment to be applied is determined when the level of this test, which is requested after diseases such as a high rate of infection, tumor and heart attack, is high. In addition, the CRP test also shows the level of the disease. This level is low in healthy people. However, if it is high, it indicates that foreign substances, such as bacteria, viruses or mutated cells that cause tumors, are high in the body. This situation, which negatively affects the body mechanism, can increase rapidly within 24 hours.

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CRP elevation is not a situation that is directly determined by the body. It may show conditions such as sudden fever, weakness, redness of the skin and weakness. It can also be seen after surgery in some patients. When the immune system, which is activated during the healing process, is insufficient, the body activates such proteins. However, prolonged use can cause serious damage. CRP increases after a heart attack due to deterioration in cell tissues, imbalance in blood flow, and increased cholesterol level. CRP increases as a result of anemia, stroke, meningitis, joint pain, joint diseases, highly infectious diseases and severe accidents. This substance, which the body activates to continue its mechanical work, is high in the blood test. If this situation cannot be prevented, it can invite different diseases.


It is simple to prevent this situation, which is secreted by the body mechanically. Diet and exercise that strengthen immunity are effective in lowering CRP levels. In addition, antibiotic drugs or foods rich in antibiotics should be consumed. Aspirin should be used. Avoid caffeine and nicotine.

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According to studies conducted in a control center in the USA, the relationship between CRP level and heart diseases was controlled. According to the information given;

Low risk if 1 mg/L

If 1-3 mg/L, medium risk

3 mg/L is dangerous in terms of heart diseases.

At the same time, the relationship between infection, that is, the high level of inflammation in the body and CRP, was controlled. It has been revealed that as the level of inflammation increases, the level of CRP also increases. Sometimes the reason why the CRP level does not decrease despite the treatments applied is the increase in the level of inflammation in the body.

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