Why does the nasal bone hurt? What are the symptoms of nasal bone pain? Is there any treatment?

We have searched for you, who are curious about nasal bone pain, which is more common in women than men and reduces the patient’s quality of life. Nasal bone pain is a health problem in itself, as it is a harbinger of some diseases. So why does the nasal bone hurt? What are the symptoms of nasal bone pain? Is there any treatment? The answer to all questions is in the details of the news…

The nose, which is the olfactory and respiratory organ, is connected to the pharynx through two openings. There are hairs and capillaries in the inner cavities of the nose. These capillaries have nerve cells. It is the most sensitive external organ of the body after the ear. In addition, it develops until death in the nose like the ear. This is why the bones that make up the nose often change shape. The nose, which forms the beginning of respiration, receives signals from the brain with the impulses of nerve cells. However, the nose, which has such a serious function, both causes diseases and is affected by diseases. Severe pain is experienced in some periods, especially in the sensitive bone. Most of the time, nasal bone pain, which occurs with upper respiratory tract disorders, may actually be a precursor to other diseases. Nasal bone pain caused by inflammation of the cavities of the nose and cheekbones, especially sinusitis, is called acute viral sinusitis. It occurs when the infection virus clogs the mucus. Another bone pain is caused by allergic events such as pollen and dust. When this condition becomes chronic, the rate of inflammation increases. This causes nasal and facial swelling. Acne, which is seen in almost every part of the body, occurs in the nose, and in such simple cases, it causes pain in the nasal bone. It is more common in women than men. Because the disease and sensitivity stages in women are higher than in men. Especially due to health problems such as menopause and fibromiology, pain occurs in the nasal bone.

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severe infection viruses

upper respiratory tract diseases

acute sinusitis obstructions

Severe blow to the nasal bone

Deformation of nerve cells passing through the nasal bone

Inflamed acne caused by clogged hair follicles

Inability of the body to enzyme vitamin A, which causes excess vitamin A to remain in the body.

Curvature of the nasal bone or cartilage

The possibility of ingrown hairs, which can be seen anywhere on the body, may also occur here.

Aphthae in the nose

Migraine and sinusitis diseases

Unbalanced blood flow as a result of not adjusting the amount of insulin in the blood correctly

In cases such as severe headache or eye pain, it causes nasal bone pain.

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Pain in the nasal bone is the most obvious symptom of a health problem. Apart from this, sudden nosebleeds, nasal pain when using glasses and redness at the tip of the nose indicate that there may be a discomfort caused by the nasal bone. In addition, the nose is either very dry or filled with excess fluid. Since these conditions impair the person’s quality of life, it is useful to consult an Ear Nose and Throat doctor. Because every day that is neglected can invite serious other health problems.

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For chronic nose pains, a doctor should be consulted without intervention. However, for your nose pain due to congestion, inhale the steam while boiling tangerine peels or dried chamomile if you have it at home. This application can be done every half hour. If it develops due to bone pain, cold or hot compress can be applied. However, pressure should not be applied to the nose while performing these applications.

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