Why does the callus come off? What are the symptoms of callus? How does the callus go?

The skin, which is in constant contact with the environment, is an environment prone to diseases. Especially if it is not cleaned regularly during the day, it causes some diseases to increase frequently. One of them is callus. So why does the callus come off? What are the symptoms of callus? How does the callus go? We searched for answers to these questions for you. You can find everything you need to know about callus in the detail of the news.

Calluses occur between bone and skin. It appears visibly on the surface of the skin. This region is hard and crusty. The constant pressure and friction of the foot bones in one place prepares the ground for calluses. It does not affect daily life much. However, it causes severe pain when touched. It spreads gradually if not treated in time. It causes deformation of everything around it. These floaters should be treated as soon as they are noticed. This ailment, which has been experienced for centuries, can be seen in almost every part of the feet. Sweat and indoor environment increase the possibility of inflammation and infection. It can cause calluses, especially in shoes and slippers that are incompatible with the feet.

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Using stuffy shoes for long walks

Not cleaning the feet enough

Choosing shoes that are not suitable for foot structure

heel curvature

Insufficient care after the permanent sweating of the feet

barefoot walking

Conditions such as the pressure of accessories attached to the feet increase the risk of developing calluses.

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Severe pain and swelling in the foot

Swelling and swelling in the callus area

Inflammation around the callus

Change in skin color with thickening of the skin

Encountering a throbbing pain when pressing on the feet


It is a soft callus that appears between the toes or on the soles of the feet. It comes out as red. The tip is swollen. It is seen in those who often prefer high-heeled shoes.

Calluses that appear on the bony parts of the foot are called hard calluses. This callus is rooted. It is treated with expert intervention.

Seed calluses appear around the heels. It is experienced as a result of the pressure applied to the dead skin. When it is softened and cleaned, it does not pass quickly. It can recur constantly. That’s why it needs to be treated well.

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Since it is a visible disease, it can be recognized immediately. You can easily diagnose calluses in the symptoms that appear. Simple calluses can also be treated at home. However, it is definitely beneficial for a specialist to intervene in those with increased inflammation. The dead skin is cleaned and shed. Afterwards, the remaining area is cleaned with natural remedies such as aloe vera and vinegar, which are rich in antimicrobials. In order not to damage the living skin, the place where the cornea is should be cut gently. Then a mixture of baking soda, lemon, aspirin and vinegar is applied to the cleaned area. This method can be applied until the callus is gone.

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