Why does neck stiffness occur? How is neck stiffness going?

The neck stiffness experienced by almost everyone in the society decreases the quality of life when it lasts for a long time. It interferes with the person’s daily activities. Stiffness and pain occur in the neck part. This limits neck movements. Why does neck stiffness occur? How is neck stiffness going?

Stuck in the neck is a health problem that occurs after damage to the muscle and tissue in the neck, which is the point that connects the body and the head. Due to the hardening of the tissue, hardness is felt in the area when touched. Since the muscles cannot move freely, the neck remains stable. Stuck in the neck can cause damage to the neck due to temperature changes, traumatic accidents, unbalanced neck movement and sleeping in a position where the head is not comfortable. As the neck becomes stiffer, body movements become more difficult. As movements become more difficult, the pain increases.

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The most sensitive muscle in the body is the levator scapula muscle in the neck. The muscle located at the back of the neck connects the body part and the head. Since it is very sensitive, it is damaged immediately. Movements during sleep, doing heavy exercises in sports, looking at technological devices such as computers and phones for a long time without changing the position, Wrong movements during swimming, excessive stress, weakness in the muscle system, as well as neck hernia, spinal cord damage, and frequently seen nerve compressions prepare the ground for the seizure.

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The most common symptom is pain in the neck area. However, on the other hand, there is tingling in the neck and strain due to tightening of the bones and muscles during movement. Head movements are limited. On the other hand, as movement is restricted, back and spine pain increases. This pain also occurs in the head.

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It is definitely useful to consult a specialist for long-term and persistent neck stiffness. Otherwise, permanent damage may occur. The specialist doctor applies physical and drug treatments for symptoms according to the severity of the eclipse. While providing medication support to soften the area, the muscle system in the area is warmed up with physical movements. This can quickly cause the area to soften. In addition, there are some methods at home. Massage the area from head to back with refreshing oils such as peppermint or tea tree oil. Place a warm towel over the massager. Or apply white lavender soap to that area with warm water in the shower and gently massage from head to toe. Stay away from places where there will be air exchange for a long time.

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