Why does my coccyx hurt? What is good for coccyx pain?

The coccyx, which is the part between the spine and the hip, causes severe pain for various reasons. The coccyx, which reduces the quality of life, negatively affects the movements of the person after a while. It is generally more common in women. So why does the coccyx hurt? What is good for coccyx pain?

In the human body, the lowest part of the spinal cord, which consists of 33 pieces in the middle of the back, is called the coccyx. The coccyx, called the coccyx in the scientific literature, is the junction point of the lower organs and bones in the lower part of the body with those in the upper part. Therefore, this part is of great importance for body health. It takes serious damage when lifting more than body weight mass. In addition, constantly sitting on a hard floor or wearing tight clothes often causes the disease called ingrown hair, due to the pinching of the hair follicles around the coccyx. It is 5 times more common in women than men. The reason for this is due to the movement in housework. In addition, the bone structure is more sensitive in women. Persistent pain in the part of the lower back that is above the hip is a harbinger of coccyx pain. It manifests itself with symptoms such as pain in the hip when going to the toilet, constant pain in the bones, and pain when sitting or lying down. Consult an orthopedic specialist when the pain gets worse.

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– Excess weight puts pressure on the coccyx. This causes the bone to displace or ache due to compression.

– Falling on your back or side suddenly causes coccyx pain. It is usually seen after falling from places such as bicycles, chairs, motorcycles.

– In addition to being overweight, being too thin leads to a decrease in the fat in the coccyx.

– It is common during pregnancy.

– Those with congenital spine or bone disease

– Sitting in the same position for a long time

– Damage to the spine caused by incorrect sitting posture

– Compression of the buttocks and pressure on the coccyx as a result of tight clothing

– Nerve compression and tumors

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If the pain is severe and prevents movement, consult a doctor without intervention. Specialist doctors usually recommend muscle relaxants and physical exercises. However, if the coccyx has developed due to different diseases, the treatment for it is diversified. In mild severe coccyx pain, sit on soft ground. Correct your sitting position. Apply a hot or cold compress to the area of ​​pain, depending on the weather. Because hot and cold weather also have negative effects on bones. Hot is more effective in cold than cold. In addition, take a bath with water to which you have added Epsom salt. Gently apply cream or oil of herbs with mint, tea tree leaves or tropical solutions to the area, and place a towel on it.

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