Why did pollen allergy start early?

Seasonal changes affected the time of occurrence of pollen allergy. Experts warned for those who experience frequent allergic reactions. He asked the patients to take precautions to avoid being unprepared for this situation.

With the fall of cemre and the beginning of March, diseases began to increase. Pollen allergy, especially in spring, reduces the quality of life. However, this year, allergic cases started to appear earlier than every year. The reason for this is seasonal changes. The changes led to early pollination of flowers.

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President of Allergy and Asthma Society Prof. Dr. Ahmet Akçay warned those with high allergies in this regard. Akcay, “Allergy sufferers are no stranger to pollen problems. But now, due to climate change, the pollen season is getting longer and starting earlier than ever before. Higher temperatures cause flowers to bloom earlier, while higher carbon dioxide levels cause more pollen to be produced. Pollen can travel hundreds of kilometers, with changing weather conditions and changing species distributions, it becomes possible for humans to be exposed to “new” types of pollen, namely pollen that the body is not used to.said.

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