Who is afraid of autumn!

When we think of vacation, we immediately think of summer. We start planning for our annual leaves in March. We determine where we will go on which dates in the summer months. And we look forward to the summer season with the dreams of those days. The day we are waiting for comes, we take our vacation and continue our business life from where we left off.

sonbaharin psikolojik etkileri

At the same time, the weather conditions begin to change, the weather gets colder and it starts to rain. The exuberant air of spring turns into sadness for most people in autumn. The color change in nature also makes people sad. The lush green leaves gradually turn yellow, and the dried leaves begin to fly. Even the birds that sing good morning to us every morning seem to become silent. Those who accept the seasonal changes as a flow watch this change with pleasure.

“The season of sadness, autumn!” is it?

Seeing what happens is like the seasons change, but comments and judgments come in. Autumn, which is called the season of sadness, is said to give sadness. There is even a pattern in the form of “autumn blues”. Being sad every day and not being able to see the beauty of autumn brings depressive feelings. What beautiful autumn colors. The leaves of the trees change color from green to bright yellow, the most beautiful shade of orange, red and brown. It is not possible to say that these colors only cause sadness.

It’s time to get rid of your stereotypes!

It is not the events in our lives that shape us, but our belief in what those events mean. If we had the belief that “autumn brings sadness, which creates depressive feelings”, we cannot escape the way it shapes our lives. However, all this is again a game of our subconscious on us. It is in our hands to see the beauty of autumn and keep up with the change.

A friend of mine said “Autumn has come, it’s time to write” and started writing his second book. The definition of autumn for my friend was not a time of sadness, but a time of a new beginning. Why don’t we remove the sadness tag from autumn and create our own tag?

Increase your energy using colors!

How about raising our energy using colors? You already reflect your energy in your clothes in colors suitable for your skin tone, but if you want no sadness, how about a red accessory, a red lipstick? When you look in the mirror every morning without leaving the house, do you see the energy of joy in yourself? On that day, you will be in a cheerful, energetic communication.

Wassily Kandinsky “Color directly affects the soul. Color is the keyboard, the eyes are the hammers, and the soul is the piano with many notes.” says. Using colors is like using the notes correctly and making the most beautiful composition. This beauty is a tool for you to reflect energy.

It’s best to live the autumn with the most beautiful colors and warm feelings by saying hello to a new season…

Best regards,
Personal Development Specialist Hilal İnan

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