Which vitamins should be used against Covid 19? Harms of unconscious use of vitamins

Since the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic, everyone is looking for ways to strengthen their immune system. In addition to natural mixtures, the use of vitamins has increased considerably in recent days. Experts warned that vitamins used as a result of unconscious research on the internet can cause serious health problems. So what are the harms of unconscious vitamin use?

The novel coronavirus, also known as the unofficial Wuhan coronavirus, as it was first seen in the Wuhan region of China in early December 2019 and was identified by the authorities in that region, is a contagious virus that causes respiratory tract infection and can be passed from person to person. The official name of the virus has been determined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as SARS-CoV-2 (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome-Coronavirus-2). World Health Organization to define the disease caused by the virus COVID-19 uses the term. COVID-19 measures such as wearing masks, maintaining social distance, and washing hands are now frequently spoken by experts all over the world. In addition, the body needs a well-functioning immune system to fight against COVID-19. For this, we need to use adequate amounts of vitamins and nutrients.

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The use of vitamins taken to prevent diseases or gain energy is increasing. Using additional vitamins unconsciously instead of getting the need for vitamins from natural foods invites diseases.


Experts warn that healthy individuals do not need to take vitamins in addition to their food. However, if the person has a vitamin deficiency, they have to take additional vitamins under the control of a doctor, not voluntarily.

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Excess vitamin A taken unnecessarily can accumulate in the body and cause liver poisoning. Excess vitamin D can cause high concentrations of calcium in the blood. Some scientific studies conducted in the USA also show that there is a link between excessive vitamin use and advanced prostate cancer.

In diseases such as colds and flu, the first application is the consumption of vitamin C. However, taking vitamin C in high doses and for a long time can form oxalate stones. It is also known that vitamin C increases stomach acid and is one of the aggressive factors of the stomach. It is recommended to take vitamin C together with iron in anemic patients; however, vitamin C is not recommended in cases of hemochromatosis with iron accumulation and hemolytic anemia.

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With a proper nutrition program and food variety, the body’s daily vitamin needs can be met. Most vitamins are already found in plant and animal foods. For this, a balanced diet with natural vegetables and fruits should be preferred. Fresh fruits and vegetables consumed in appropriate amounts according to the season are the richest sources of vitamins and minerals.

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