Which is right for you: liposuction or tummy tuck?

Abdominal fat is one of the most difficult body fats to burn. In addition, excess belly fat can compromise heart health and cause type 2 diabetes. To avoid such health risks, you should say goodbye to excess fat in your abdomen. For an effective solution, you can have fat removed or have tummy tuck. So what is the difference between the two?

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Aesthetic Surgeon Op. Dr. Alper Mete Uğurlu gave the following information about liposuction and tummy tuck applications:

Which method is right for you?

“Even though both liposuction and abdominal aesthetics are excellent methods to smooth the body silhouette, it is extremely important to determine which special conditions should be taken into account in order to decide on the best treatment method. If the problem is sagging fat in the abdominal area or decreased abdominal muscles due to excessive weight loss, abdominal aesthetics will be a good solution for you. If you only want to get rid of fat in certain areas, liposuction is the best method.

Fat removal method

Liposuction is an ideal method to remove accumulated adipose tissue in certain areas. It is effective for the safe removal of excessive stubborn fat.

Liposuction usually gives excellent results in people with good skin and muscle tension. These people are patients who do not have problems such as excessive skin sagging in the abdomen or melting in the abdominal muscles.

Liposuction does not eliminate the patient’s sagging skin, sagging scars and problems arising from the loss of abdominal muscle. These problems usually occur after excessive weight loss or pregnancy. If you are obese, liposuction is not suitable for you.

How is fat removal done?

Full anesthesia may be required in this method. In some cases, only local anesthesia is applied to your abdomen. After the area to be treated is numbed, small incisions are made around the area of ​​fat deposits. A thin tube (cannula) is advanced under the skin to remove the fat cells. A medical vacuum device is used to absorb the separated fat deposits. Several sessions may be required to achieve the desired result.

You can return to your daily life within 48 hours

You can return to your normal life very quickly after liposuction. Within the next 48 hours, you will be able to return to the work you always did.

However, it is not recommended to begin physical exercises such as weight lifting or extreme cardio without your doctor’s approval.

Candidates for abdominal aesthetics

  • If your body mass index is more than 30
  • If you are planning to become pregnant
  • if you are working
  • If you have a chronic heart problem

Abdominal aesthetics is a major procedure applied to cut the excess skin in the abdomen while tightening the abdominal muscles.

Briefly, if the patient’s main concern is to tighten sagging skin or muscle tissue (if not fat), abdominal aesthetics will be the best solution.

heals in 6 weeks

The entire surgical procedure is usually completed within 2-3 hours. The result obtained after abdominal aesthetics is usually permanent. The abdominal wall will be straighter and stronger. The excess skin removed will not come back unless there is an extreme change in weight or a pregnancy that will cause the area to stretch again.

The recovery period for abdominal aesthetics is six weeks. In this process, it will be necessary to see a doctor several times to check the healing of the incision site. During this period, it is necessary to avoid movements such as stretching or stretching in the abdominal region. Such movements will cause excessive tension at the incision site. You should suspend excessively strenuous physical activity or exercise until you get your doctor’s approval.

Who should prefer liposuction?

Today, many people, men and women, young and old, prefer liposuction. The important criterion here is that people are over the age of 18 and have a well-established body type. Fat removal operation is not a weight loss operation. It is not applied to obese people. It is not applied to people who continue to gain weight, and it is not applied to people who continue to lose weight. It can be applied after pregnancy, but it must be one year after the birth. In other words, the criterion here is that the part of the birth weight that can be lost is given. The purpose of liposuction is to get rid of stubborn fat that cannot be given with diet and sports. It is your doctor who will best assess whether you are a suitable candidate for liposuction.

Your doctor must decide
Liposuction is a straightforward procedure with very few risks and a short recovery period. Abdominal aesthetics is a more serious operation. Your doctor should decide which method will be applied.”

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