Which fish should be consumed in October? What are the benefits of fish species consumed in October?

Fish is one of the foods that are beneficial for human health. The fish caught with the bans that started with the month of September took their place on the counters. The fish varieties that took their place last month have changed with the month of October. Fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids strengthen the nervous system. Which fish should be consumed in October? What are the benefits of the types of fish consumed in the month of Emin?

Each type of fish has a time period when it should be consumed. Various fish were caught with the hunt that started with the lifting of the bans. The fish that came out of the sea in September began to be consumed in that month. As the weather changed, the diversity of fish in the seas increased. Compared to September, different kinds of fish will be consumed in October. These fish species and benefits provide benefits for human health according to the changing weather conditions. Consumption of fish cooked in the oven, on the grill or in a pan is necessary for deficiencies such as vitamins and minerals that occur in changing weather conditions.



In autumn and winter, we can remove the vitamin D that we cannot get from the sun with Bonito fish. It is beneficial to consume this fish, which is also rich in protein, at least twice a week.

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This fish, whose life span is nine years, does not end with counting the benefits as well as its taste. Experts emphasize that pregnant women and children should consume at least once a week, as this fish is effective on bone and intelligence development.

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This fish, which can be consumed from mid-September to the end of January, contains less oil, so even people on a diet can easily consume it.

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sea ​​bream

Since it is a carnivorous fish, it is very rich in vitamins and minerals. By reducing the number of cells that cause aging in the body, it prolongs the youthfulness of the skin and the body.

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Protecting cardiovascular health by regulating the rate of fat in the blood, red snapper also supports brain health when consumed twice a week. It reduces the rate of getting diseases such as depression and stress. Studies have shown that red snapper prevents the formation of cancer cells.

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Mackerel fish, which is one of the richest foods in nature in terms of B vitamins, meets 85 percent of the body’s daily need for vitamin B12.

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