Where to find borage (Galdirik) herb? What are the benefits of borage (Galdirik) herb?

Do you know what borage is? Where is borage grass found? So what are the benefits of borage grass? We have researched the unknown about borage grass, whose homeland is Syria, for you. In the detail of the news, you can find everything that is curious about borage grass, which is good for headache and nervousness.

Borage, popularly known as ıspıt, zılbıt, kalık and Odan, grows spontaneously on the roadsides in the fields with its white, blue and pink flowers. Borage, which grows mainly in Syria, South America, North Africa and Anatolia, emerges in the spring months. It can be found until October. The oil obtained from the seed is generally used for commercial purposes. It is consumed as a natural medicine in kitchens and medical treatments with its wet state. Thanks to the acid substances it contains, borage grass, which benefits human health, is dried and tea is made. With the arrival of spring, borage, or zılbıt, which comes out of nature by itself and is the livelihood of the villagers, will begin to take its place on the counters in the coming weeks. It is frequently found in Eastern Anatolia and Black Sea regions in our country. It blooms in blue, pink and white colors. However, the stem and leaves of borage are consumed by cooking.


  • For bone development, the body should be supplemented with 70 percent calcium during the day on average. Borage grass provides 20 percent of this supplement.
  • Potassium is needed to balance the oxygen rate in the body and to provide healthier transmission of the nerves. Since the body does not produce this mineral on its own, it needs external supplementation, otherwise serious cardiovascular diseases may occur. Since borage grass is also rich in potassium, this deficiency can be eliminated by consuming it.
  • Thanks to the high acids it contains, it removes toxins from the body. Toxins excreted in the urine also clean the bacteria in the digestion. In addition, it is effective in removing phlegm accumulated in the throat.
  • Borage herb, which is a strong anti-inflammatory, also helps to lose weight by removing the edema accumulated in the body. Borage, which is one of the herbs that should be added to diet lists, is effective in regional slimming. One serving gives energy to the body throughout the day.
  • Disturbance in the digestive system also negatively affects the nervous system. Mental illnesses such as irritability, insomnia, imbalance and depression are experienced due to these conditions. Borage grass balances the electricity in the body and enables the nerve cells to work.
  • The oil obtained from the seeds of borage grass is effective in eliminating skin wrinkles, clefts, acne, acne and diseases such as cellulite.

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The most fresh form of borage, which comes out at different times in different regions, is cooked just like spinach. Apart from that, dried form and oil can be found in herbalists. Borage grass should be pressed into vinegar water before being consumed in its fresh form. Then it should be washed thoroughly. First, a head of onion is chopped and thrown into the pan. After the onions turn pink, borage is also cut and thrown into the pan and waiting to be cooked. Pepper or eggplant can also be added to borage, which is cooked like spinach. In addition, borage oil is extracted and used for skin problems. It has a positive effect against health problems such as stretch marks, cellulite and acne.

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