Where is the dirtiest part of the body and how is it cleaned? Diseases caused by parasites

There are some parts of our body that are not cleaned even when taking a bath and contain millions of viruses. As these parasites remain, various diseases begin to appear in our body. So where is the dirtiest part of the body and how to clean it? What diseases are caused by parasites? We have added expert warnings and everything about the dirtiest place on our body to the details of the news.

Human anatomy is quite complex. For centuries, the medical world has been deciphering this anatomy and examining the factors that damage it. It is made up of sensitive body systems. These systems; consists of circulation, skeleton, excretory, digestive, and nerves. The communication between these systems, which regulate the functional functioning of the organs, is provided by the nerves and tissues. It works great as long as there is no genetic disorder in the mother’s womb. However, after being exposed to the world and environmental factors, it paves the way for some diseases. Even if it sounds disgusting, some bacteria in nature are needed for human health. But not all of these bacteria benefit.

They accumulate in the ear, intestine, bladder, nose and belly button. In recent studies, it has been determined that there are parasites in the eyelashes and eyebrows. All of this happens because of not being cleaned adequately. About 100 trillion bacteria live in your body. If we do not clean our body regularly, harmful bacteria can cause diseases.

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diseases caused by parasites


  • throat infections,
  • Nasal gland enlargement and sinus congestion,
  • Constipation or diarrhea after intestinal disruption,
  • otitis media,
  • Loss of appetite and excessive weight loss
  • Wants to eat irregularly,
  • Inflammatory nodules at the base of the eyelashes, dandruff in the eyebrows,
  • Damage to the skin surface,
  • Inflammation in the urinary tract

how to clean belly button


Some dermatologists say the navel is the dirtiest part of our body.
It was obtained as a result of research that the belly button that we forgot to clean is the place where many bacteria accumulate during the day and some of these bacteria can cause serious discomfort.

The belly button is protruding in some people and more hollow in others. Therefore, cleaning should be done by taking into account the hollowness of the navel. People with a protruding navel should be cleaned with hot water and soapy fiber. People with a hollow navel should lather during the shower without applying too much pressure to the area. Apart from that, they can mix hot water and salt together and apply it to the area with the help of ear cotton and clean the belly button.

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