Where is bee venom used? What are the benefits of bee venom? What diseases is bee venom good for?

Everyone knows that a bee sting can cause serious sting complications. In some people, a bee sting can even be fatal. However, in some studies, it has been revealed that the substances in bee venom provide incredible benefits to human health. We have added the details of the news for you who are curious about bee venom, which is increasingly used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. So where is bee venom used? What are the benefits of bee venom? What diseases is bee venom good for? Here are the answers to all these questions…

It is known by almost everyone that the honey secreted by bees by collecting pollen is beneficial for human health. After bee honey, which has been accepted as the greatest source of healing since the beginning of human history, it has now been revealed that bee venom is beneficial. Although all the secrets about the bee cannot be completely solved, it is a fact that is accepted by everyone that it has an incredible contribution to human health. Bees also produce a very strong poison to protect themselves. They release this venom through their needles. The substances in the poison can cause serious health problems when they enter the body. However, Egypt, China and Indians have been working on alternative medicine since ancient times, emphasizing that bee venom has positive contributions to human health. In various sources, there is information that bee venom is a cure for diseases. Especially in those years, bee venom was used as a natural remedy for rheumatism, joint and skin diseases. As technology develops, studies on bee venom are increasing. As a result of the studies, it has been determined that the substances in bee venom accelerate the regeneration of cells that have mutated in the human body and even cause cancer. This poison was later added to some drug productions. Thanks to the regenerative effect of the poison, the cosmetic industry also benefited from this substance. The poison used after a certain process can remain intact for many years in its pure form. However, in ancient Egypt, it was made by inserting a bee directly into the aching area. In addition, today, before applying bee venom treatment, the person is tested to see if he is allergic to bee venom. The treatment with bee venom is called “apitherapy”.

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Research has shown that bee venom contains a substance called melittin. It has been determined that this substance rapidly regenerates cells with impaired structure. US scientists have conducted studies that the nanoparticles contained in melitin reduce the damage caused by the HIV virus. In the studies, it was seen that the substance provided rapid healing of the damage caused. In addition, the substance is a powerful anti-inflammatory. It is also effective in preventing rheumatism, inflammatory joint diseases, the rate of which is increasing day by day. Studies on the benefits of the bee are still continuing.

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In diseases such as hay and cold, which are frequently experienced during seasonal changes,

In inflammatory joint rheumatism

In cardiovascular diseases

deformation in nerve cells

In skin diseases

Strengthens the immune system

It is used in the treatment of regional nervous diseases.

Finally, in the Traditional and Complementary Medicine Center of Kayseri City Hospital, “Apitherapy” treatment is applied by collecting venom from honey bees for Multiple Sclerosis and inflammatory rheumatism patients. The poisons collected in the company of specialist doctors cured 1 MS and 14 rheumatoid arthritis patients in one year.

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