What is yellow spot disease? What are the symptoms of macular degeneration?

Do you know what is the yellow spot that allows our eyes to see the world in color during the day? The yellow spot is one of the main visual organs of the eye. When it deteriorates, it causes serious health problems. Difficulty is experienced even without recognizing the human face at an advanced level. So what is macular degeneration? What are the symptoms of the disease? We have gathered the answers to these questions for you in the details of our news.

Yellow disease, the scientific name of which is macular degeneration, is usually experienced in people aged 60 and over. The yellow spot is the area of ​​the retina that allows the eyes to see sharp and colorful. Early treatment is very important in this as in any disease. This disease, which can spread from one eye to the other, is seen in two forms as wet and dry. The most common type is dry. Dry yellow spot disease progresses slowly and is seen in almost every age group. Age macular degeneration is the most common cause of permanent vision loss. The reason why it is called age is that there is abnormal growth and fluid accumulation in the blood vessels.

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Retinal wall that weakens with age

have a family history

Lack of adequate amounts of vitamins A and C in the body

Exposure to direct sunlight

Live sedentary and overweight

Damages of vascular, blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes

Conditions such as tenderness in light-colored eyes occur suddenly.

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sudden darkening of the eyes

Clarity and color distortion at the point of view

Seeing flat objects crooked

flash of colors

Distortion of the size of objects

Lack of sight between distances

Foggy and blurred vision

Causes such as progress in visual impairment are symptoms of macular degeneration.

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A squared sheet of paper is placed in front of the patient. If the patient looking at these squares on the paper sees a severe slope at the point of focus,

A special dye (fluorescein) is given from the patient’s forearm vein. This method is called eye angiography. Then, photographs of the back of the eye are taken with a special tool. If abnormal vessels are seen between the retinal layers in macular degeneration,

Optical coherence tomography is a low-light laser application. This practice is done for 3 minutes. This laser method is used both for diagnosis and for treatment.

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It is done with two methods, one drug and one drug and laser treatment are applied. One of them is Anti-VEGF. This application is done in 6 weeks. It is stopped when the complaints decrease. The other is a photosensitive drug given intravenously. In this way, the amount of fluid accumulated in an abnormal way is reduced. To prevent yellow spot disease;Sunglasses with 100 percent UV protection should be used, and it is necessary to eat foods rich in zinc as well as vitamins A, C and E.

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