What is yellow fever (Yollew fever) disease? What are the symptoms of yellow fever disease? Is yellow fever deadly?

Do you know what yellow fever disease is that swept the continent of West Africa and caused 115 deaths this month? We have added the details of the news about yellow fever disease, which shows similar conditions to flu symptoms but can be fatal if not treated in time. So what is yellow fever disease? What are the symptoms of yellow fever disease? Is yellow fever deadly? The answer to all these questions is…

Yellow fever, an acute viral illness, can cause serious consequences, from a flu-like course of symptoms to liver failure and high fever to cerebral hemorrhage. It first appeared around 1700 in England, France, Italy, and Spain. Thousands of people died in those years. In 1802, half of the French army died from this disease. In the early 20th century, it was learned that the disease was caused and spread by a mosquito species. Thereupon, vaccine studies were started. However, until this time, people almost lost their lives in the Western Hemisphere. to the disease arbovirus why is this happening. This virus, which is in the blood of mosquitoes, is transmitted to people from the skin to the blood as a result of biting. However, the virus that takes place in the body multiplies and takes over the immune system. It is common in Africa and South America. The disease is called yellow fever because, like jaundice, the skin and whites of the eyes are yellow. Although there is a vaccine for the disease, it causes death if not diagnosed in time. The World Health Organization announced that 115 people died from this virus in Nigeria in the last week.


– Back pain is the most obvious symptom.

– High fever

– Nose, eye and stomach bleeding

– Collapsed immune system

– Anorexia, vomiting and nausea

– digestive problems

– Dark urine

– Severe abdominal pain

– The yellow color of the skin and eyes indicates that the severity of the disease has increased.

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The disease is not transmitted from person to person. However, it mixes with the blood with mosquito bites. A week after the virus enters the bloodstream, it begins to show its symptoms. This virus, which is common in tropical countries, is especially dangerous for people who visit these places frequently. In addition, it causes the proliferation of mosquitoes in environmental conditions, and then the spread of the disease. The virus threatens not only humans but also animals living in the area. It is especially common in monkeys. If the vaccine is not vaccinated in the first 15 days of the disease, it will cause fatal results.

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It is useful to see a specialist before the symptoms appear. People who are traveling should definitely see a doctor. If the disease is diagnosed within the first 10 days, the virus is eliminated with vaccination and drug therapy. However, the survival rate for long-term infections is very low. Since it is a virus that quickly destroys immunity, it leaves irreversible damage. Finally, it causes death.

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The first condition of protection from the virus is to stay away from the areas where the virus is present. Or immunity needs to be strengthened before traveling. In addition, the person should wash their hands frequently and be fed with antioxidant-based foods. He should be seen by a specialist every two days and checked for the virus. If you sleep in such a place, you should definitely have the area cleaned. He should wash his clothes. Spraying should be used to keep the area free of mosquitoes.

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