What is yeast allergy and how is it diagnosed? If you feel tired after breakfast in the morning…

Some people often face conditions such as hair loss, fatigue and stress after consuming floury foods. We investigated the reasons for these disorders that reduce the quality of life for you. Yeast allergy, which is one of the hidden diseases, is not noticed at first, but it manifests itself with some symptoms. It is seen especially after breakfast. So, what is yeast allergy?

Our immune system acts primarily cautiously against all cells entering the body. This state of self-protection is also called the immune system. It is experienced not only with foods, but also in some people if they have a family history of allergies. Since the immune system perceives this protein as a harmful cell, it begins to produce antibodies. This disorder, whose symptoms vary from person to person, can cause serious problems if not treated early. This event occurs as an allergic reaction. There are many factors that cause this situation. Like pollen, dust, and food, however, some are quite insidious. It is rare. This is yeast allergy. Yeast allergy is almost rare.

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Yeast is a type of unicellular fungus used in making cheese as well as rising dough and cakes. This can be the same as a fungal allergy in natural ways. In other words, people who are sensitive to fungi are more likely to experience yeast allergies. Yeast allergy occurs when the body takes action against the protein in the yeast. In addition to carbohydrate foods, it is also found in cakes, biscuits, bread, pies, pastries, cookies and pasta. People who consume these types in nutrition should have an allergy test. Because even if this allergy does not start severely, it can lead to serious problems later on.

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It manifests itself with symptoms such as skin itching, swelling, redness and bleeding, as well as joint pain, heartburn, fatigue, dizziness and fainting. Since these symptoms can appear in any disease, it is useful to see a specialist doctor. First of all, the person should learn which food causes this allergy. For this, an allergy test is a must. After learning about the food that causes allergies, it will be beneficial for the health of the person to stay away from this food.

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TO It is found in bread, pastry products, sauces, pickles, vinegar, milk and dairy products. In some packaged products, hydrolyzed protein is written instead of yeast, so it is necessary to read the contents of these packages carefully while shopping. It also produces yeast bacteria in some foods that are left open. People with this allergy should beware of such situations.

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