What is vertigo? What are the symptoms of vertigo? Is there a cure for vertigo?

Vertigo, which starts suddenly and gives the feeling of slipping under the feet, is seen in almost all ages and genders. Vertigo, which shows symptoms such as loss of balance and dizziness, is not a disease. It is a symptom that occurs due to the symptoms experienced. Vertigo, which is not seen as a disease, reduces a person’s quality of life. So what is vertigo? What are the symptoms of vertigo? Is there a cure for vertigo? You can find the answers to all these questions in the details of the news.

Vertigo, which is experienced for two reasons, occurs when the crystals in the ear move due to brain waves and cause loss of balance. When vertigo is experienced as a result of aneurysm in the brain and occlusions in the brain vessels, it is called central vertigo. At the same time, peripheral vertigo is experienced when the sound waves in the ear move the balance crystals in the inner and middle ear. However, vertigo is generally regarded as an ear crystal among the people. It invites serious health problems when it is tried to be treated in the wrong ways at home. Otherwise, when it is caused by the brain, the loss of consciousness and balance does not go away, despite the interventions. One of the most important factors triggering vertigo is stress. In addition, vitamin D deficiency, excess salt, and sedentary life are among other triggering factors.

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high stress

Increased inflammation in the ear

playing in ear crystals

Change in body temperature due to extreme cold

Unbalanced oxygen level in the body

Atherosclerosis and a drop or rise in blood pressure

Causes such as disorders in the nervous system prepare the ground for vertigo.

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When vertigo occurs in the ear, it causes hearing loss, ear discharge and tinnitus.

In this brain-related disorder, speech disorder, severe dizziness, numbness in the arms and legs are experienced.

Nausea, retching and vomiting also increase.

An enlargement occurs in the middle ear bone.

Muscle and bone weakness is seen.

It manifests itself with symptoms such as constant sleepiness and sensitivity to sounds. Even if all these symptoms are seen in other diseases, vertigo also occurs more severely.

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Before starting treatment, the problem causing vertigo is detected. There are many treatment methods for this ailment that causes balance problems. For this reason, the patient goes through certain controls. Then the treatment process begins. Experts emphasize that the most important factor that the patient should pay attention to in this process is nutrition.

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