What is UHT milk and what does it do? What are the benefits of milk? If you throw a fig into the milk and consume it..

We have searched for you who are curious about milk, which has a great contribution to bone and muscle development. Experts on milk, which has been consumed since ancient times, have made very serious researches in recent years. Unprocessed milk can cause serious health problems. That’s why experts recommend UHT-treated milk. So what is UHT milk and what does it do? What are the benefits of milk?

Milk, which should be consumed by children, especially in the growing period, supports the rapid and healthy development of bones. In addition, thanks to the vitamins and minerals it contains, it reduces the risk of osteoporosis, which is likely to be seen in older ages. Figs, on the other hand, contain high amounts of antioxidant substances and fiber. This nutrient purifies the body from harmful cells, bacteria and toxins, while at the same time controlling digestion. Figs, which prevent defecation problems such as constipation, also provide 80 percent of the energy needed by the body when consumed 5 times a day. It provides a lot of health benefits in two foods. In a study, it was revealed that when dried figs are thrown into boiling milk and the mixture is consumed regularly, it is good for many diseases from constipation to dry cough.

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The technological process by which long-lasting shelf milk is made is called UHT. These milks can generally be used up to 6 or 9 months. In the ultra pasteurized process, when the lifespan of the milk is extended, these foods can be used without being placed in the refrigerator. UHT-processed milk does not produce bacteria, so it provides more benefits to human health. Substances such as calcium, potassium and magnesium do not decrease. It does not provide as much benefit as milk consumed by boiling at home. However, home milk should be consumed immediately or yogurt should be made. Long-term consumption can be achieved with this milk. It is sweeter than raw milk.

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discovery of milk 8000 BC dating back to the years. As can be seen in the pictures drawn on the walls, the benefits of milk obtained from domestic mammals for human health are also noticed in these years. This food, which is produced by female mammals, contains high vitamins and minerals. Over the years, new foods are produced by going through certain processes in milk. For example, cheese and yogurt are the most popular. In researches on this nutrient, which has attracted the attention of science over the years, experts say that after a certain age, the body meets the calcium that it does not produce, and that this substance also bone and muscle development been found to contribute. In addition, it has been observed that milk, which reduces the effect of infected cells entering the body, can almost completely destroy cancer. Milk, which increases the function of the intestines, can also cause gas compression when consumed excessively. Milk, which contains the strongest calcium in nature, is also good for diseases such as fatigue, stress and chronic insomnia. Contains lactose melatonin hormoneuit regulates the person’s sleep, while balancing the acid contained in the body and increasing the motor power.


People who experience constant digestion often complain of bloating and constipation. This adversely affects the patient’s quality of life. But if you do not want to experience constipation and bloating after meals. Throw 6 dried figs into 3 glasses of boiling milk, boil for 10 more minutes and turn off the heat. Then pass it through the blender and consume before and after meals.

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Due to increasing viruses in the winter months, upper respiratory tract diseases also increase. This causes serious damage to the respiratory tract. The most painful consequence of this is a dry cough. Cough, which becomes continuous with the obstruction of the bronchi, causes chest pain. At this time, put 2 figs in 1 glass of milk and boil it. After full boiling, wait for the milk to warm up. Prepare two glasses fresh a day and consume this mixture.

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Work and social life negatively affect the body as much as unhealthy diet and cause illness. Chronic fatigue and pain begin to increase at this time. If you don’t want to experience this situation. Before breakfast, put a teaspoon of honey and a dried fig in a glass of milk. After boiling a little in the coffee pot, consume it warm.

At the same time, when you throw a fig into a glass of milk and consume it every day, it makes a great contribution to your skin health. It supports the skin to look brighter and livelier.

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