What is tongue fungus? What are the symptoms of tongue fungus? Natural remedy for tongue fungus

Tongue fungus, which is seen in people who consume excessive caffeine and nicotine, causes severe bad breath. Even if this discomfort, which progresses unconsciously, is not serious, it can cause problems such as loss of limb and mouth if neglected. In addition, as it progresses, there are difficulties in tasting. What is tongue fungus? What are the symptoms of tongue fungus? Natural remedy for tongue fungus

Weak immune system, dry mouth, inadequate oral hygiene, infectious diseases and frequent use of antibiotics cause tongue fungus. Tongue fungus causes serious damage to the tongue if not taken care of. Increased bacteria in the mouth causes damage to the sense of taste of the tongue. In addition, bacteria cause infection in the gums and teeth. This causes tooth loss. Inadequate oral care and consumption such as coffee, tea and cigarettes pave the way for this situation.

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What are the symptoms of tongue fungus?

  • The formation of a yellow, green or white layer on the tongue and this layer does not pass for a long time,
  • Tdifference in the sense of horse reception,
  • Experiencing persistent pharyngitis,
  • The tongue becomes more sensitive to cold and hot foods or drinks.
  • In addition to dry mouth, conditions such as constant numbness of the tongue are the symptoms of tongue fungus.


Experts recommend that it should be cleaned regularly with toothpastes with low fluoride content for non-serious tongue fungus. For the serious fungus, experts; He administers drug therapy such as nystatin, amphotericin and miconazole.

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Thanks to the minerals it contains, tea tree oil is used as a natural treatment method for many fungal diseases. Pour 5 drops of tea oil into a glass of warm water and mix well. Without swallowing, drip it on your tongue like a drop and spread it all over the tongue with the help of a toothbrush. Then gargle with warm water and spit it out.


It destroys the fungus thanks to its strong antiparasitic. Add 6 drops of lemon to 2 crushed cinnamon sticks and mix well. Spread it on your tongue with the reverse of the toothbrush, wait for 2 minutes, gargle with warm water and spit. You can use this mixture to whiten your teeth.

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