What is toe disorder and bony spur on the big toe? Can toe disorder be treated?

Even if the toe disorder or finger deformity disease, known as hallux valgus in the scientific literature, is not serious, it negatively affects the life of the person. We have researched for you what is curious about this disease, which sometimes makes it difficult to even walk. So what is toe disorder and bone spur on the big toe? Can toe disorder be treated? You can find the answers to all these questions in the details of the news.

Toe deformity is commonly known as bony protrusion in the first toe. However, although it is not common, genetic or environmental disorders may occur in all fingers. This disorder, which complicates the person’s life, may worsen if not operated on time. It also causes loss of limbs in the future. Flat feet disease, familial predisposition, experienced foot trauma or an incorrect choice of shoes also prepare the ground for the development of the disease. Since it is a constantly used limb in the human body, daily life is disrupted in any unfavorable situation. Toe disorders or bone spurs make it difficult to even wear shoes. This defect, which is also an aesthetic condition, can be corrected by surgical operation. Even if the defect is corrected, there is a high probability of recurrence of the bone spur in the future. Therefore, these patients need to choose special shoes.

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The scientific name of hallux valgus disease is caused by genetic and environmental factors. Narrow and high-heeled shoes, as well as sports shoes, can cause this disease. At the same time, ingrown feet can also cause this disease. This discomfort, which increases in severity as the joints relax, causes weights up to the knee over time. As it progresses, it causes serious problems such as gait disturbance. It is a visible disease, but sometimes it is not immediately noticed as it progresses slowly. The severity of the protrusion detected with the results of tomography is understood by looking at the ultrasound.

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Depending on the severity, the treatment method also varies. An orthopedic instrument is used for the bony prominence in their first home. This device is worn on the finger at night while sleeping. Experts generally recommend that these patients choose shoes with orthopedic soles one size larger than their foot size. These applications tighten the joints and prevent them from loosening and growing, as well as supporting the correct fit. However, specialists resort to surgery for the protrusion that does not go away despite all the interventions. It may recur after surgery if care is not taken.

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