What is thistle seed and how is it used? What are the benefits of milk thistle seeds?

Milk thistle, which is known as the friend of the liver in alternative medicine, contains strong chemicals. It has been found to have incredible benefits for the skin, as it contributes to the rapid recovery of cells in the body. The oil obtained from milk thistle seed also relieves pain, especially like culinary. So what is thistle seed and how is it consumed? What are the benefits of milk thistle seeds? Answers to frequently asked questions:

Although thistle likes to grow in stony and arid areas, it is rich in substances that are powerful for health. Especially the milk it contains is used in the treatment of skin diseases. Thanks to its cell renewal feature, it prevents the skin from being deformed. Thanks to this feature in European and Central Asian countries, thistles are called blessed thistle milk. In addition, it is also called by names such as donkey thorn, kansa, bull thorn, Virgin Mary thorn among the people. The flower of the thistle, which consists of the stem and the crown, is usually purple in color. It belongs to the daisy family. It blooms in July and August. It gives a pleasant smell to the environment it is in. An annual herb, milk thistle seeds are often used as a natural remedy in alternative medicine. Its use dates back to Ancient Greece and Egypt. Although it is known as the homeland of Africa, it is frequently encountered in countries in the Mediterranean regions. For centuries, it has been considered the most effective nutrient in renewing and cleansing the liver. The scientific name of thistle, whose scientific name is Silybum marianum, is not only to the skin or liver, but also to the digestive system, so it helps to lose weight and regulate metabolism.

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There are seeds that are easily obtained from herbalists. Thanks to the tea made from the seeds, it provides its benefits. This very useful tea should be consumed fresh. One teaspoon of thistle is thrown into one and a half glasses of boiling water. It is expected to brew for 5-10 minutes. It should then be consumed before meals on an empty stomach. It will be sufficient to consume it once a day. If you wish, you can also add a fresh mint leaf during brewing. Thistle oil is put in salads. It is an ideal oil for those who want to lose weight by increasing both its taste and benefit. In addition, milk thistle seed is effective in clearing the bronchi and throat when mixed with honey.

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It is recommended to consult a specialist. Milk thistle is a natural remedy for those who often experience fatty liver disease. It can be consumed mixed with tea or honey. By increasing the functionality of the liver, it removes toxins from the body.

The oil extracted from milk thistle seeds renews the surface layer of the skin. Since it has a strong analgesic effect, it can be applied to areas such as waist, neck, knee, elbow and wrist by making a table.

– Since it is effective in renewing cells, it cleans the free radicals in the blood. In this way, it prevents the formation of cancer. It strengthens immunity. It strengthens the body against viruses and bacteria and increases resistance.

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Tea made from milk thistle seeds reduces the level of bad cholesterol in the blood and prevents the formation of cardiovascular diseases. By increasing the level of good cholesterol, it is especially beneficial for bloating.

It also prevents the increase or decrease of sugar by balancing it. Tea also regulates the nerve cells by providing the oxygen level in the blood. It also prevents the occurrence of mental illnesses.

Since it removes excess toxins in the body, it also prevents the accumulation of inflammation. Increases the functionality of bones and muscles. It prevents the formation of stones in the kidney and gallbladder by reducing the acid rate.

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