What is the stress hormone (Cortisol)? What does cortisol do? What happens if cortisol rises?

Increasing stress with the increase of metropolitan life, the increase of diseases and unhealthy diet are actively present in the body. We have searched for you everything that is curious about the hormone cortisone, which is secreted by the brain and triggers stress. This condition, which is seen in almost every age and gender, is not a disease. But it causes diseases. So what is the Stress hormone (Cortisol)? What happens if cortisol rises?

The cortisol hormone produced by the adrenal glands prepares the ground for stress. It unbalances blood pressure and values. When the body produces high levels of this hormone, women suffer the most. In particular, it reduces the functionality of the uterus, leading to infertility. In some people, it also impairs the immune system. As the cortisol hormone increases due to environmental factors, the stress level of the person also increases. When the immune system feels threatened, nerve impulses to the brain increase. This causes cortisol to overproduce the hormone. As the stress increases, the hormone level increases again. If a decrease is not achieved, the rate of catching various diseases in the body increases. Stress hormone usually rises in situations such as exam, war, love, pregnancy, and menstruation. Subsequently, it causes sleep disturbance, blood pressure, low energy, weight loss or excessive weight gain.

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Although it causes stress, the main function of cortisol is to activate the body during the physical or emotional pressure of the person. Cortisol, which opens the brain, which is the defense mechanism of the body, causes the adrenal glands to be secreted excessively and the brain to act now. Thus, the body creates shields such as fleeing or fighting at that time.

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– It maintains the salt and water balance in the body.

– It provides the cycle like rest and sleep.

– When produced in a balanced way, it improves the body’s defense mechanism.

– Balances blood values. It prevents sudden rise in blood pressure.

– Supports immunity to fight viruses and bacteria.

– It prevents the body from getting infections during the seasonal transitions.

– Prevents blood sugar from falling or rising.

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Certain medications and conditions such as extreme depression cause cortisol to rise. As the adrenaline glands increase, the structure of the cells in the body deteriorates. In addition, when the thyroid glands work rapidly in this process, hormonal disorders are experienced. Beneficial cortisol may become useless when elevated.

– Decreased concentration and regression in brain functions

– Weakened immune system

– Experiencing the rare cushing syndrome

– Irregular menstrual cycle in women

– Imbalance in sleep patterns

– It causes an increase in the risk of obesity due to the disorder in the metabolic system.

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Seafood is one of the most effective foods in terms of hormone recovery. These foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids are salmon and oysters.

Garlic, which is rich in antioxidants, balances almost every cell for the body.

Water is the basic need of the body. It also provides hormonal balance.

Dark chocolate regulates blood flow thanks to the pure caffeine it contains.

Yogurt and pickles are rich in probiotics. Probiotics cleanse the body.

All fruit varieties are also effective in balancing cortisol.

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