What is the sleep loss epidemic? What are the causes of insomnia? Foods that are good for insomnia…

One of the diseases that progressed insidiously with the coronavirus process was an epidemic of sleep loss. This problem, which is experienced unnoticed, brings with it serious health diseases. We have searched for you, who are wondering about sleep loss and insomnia, which is more likely to be seen in at least 1 out of every 3 people. So what are the causes of insomnia? Foods that are good for insomnia…

One of the biggest problems that emerged in the pandemic process that started after the emergence of the Kovid-19 virus was the sleep loss epidemic. Almost everyone spent their time at home due to the curfew in all countries of the world for more than 4 months. This also caused sleep problems. The system of working from home, education from home and the fact that almost all activities started to be done at home caused an unbalanced diet and sleep. The stress and depression that came with the fear of the virus had a great effect on this. Sleep loss creates the environment for weight gain or loss, low immunity, mental fatigue and many other problems. The sleep problem especially affected the late people in this process. Loss of sleep epidemic: It manifests itself with symptoms such as falling asleep late, waking up constantly during sleep, and feeling tired when waking up in the morning. As the duration of sleep decreases, the quality of life decreases. When repeated repeatedly, it weakens the immune system, making the body immune to viruses.

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– It causes the mind to be overfilled during the day and the subconscious mind to be constantly immersed in thoughts. This reduces falling asleep quickly.

– Anxiety disorder, insecurity, anxiety and being in an extremely stressful environment in the struggle for life cause a person to feel restless at night.

– Excessive consumption of foods or beverages containing nicotine and caffeine during the day. It increases the stimulants of cells in the nervous system. Therefore, the sleep hormone in the brain decreases.

– Due to a sleep that is not comfortable at night, sleeping at frequent intervals during the day prevents a comfortable sleep again at night.

– Discomfort due to not ventilating the environment or not washing the beds regularly can lead to insomnia.

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– One of the side effects of some drugs belonging to different diseases is insomnia.

– Noise and environmental pollution also prepare the environment for sleep problems.

– At the same time, it is among the chief factors that cause insomnia in diseases such as restless legs syndrome, cramps, racks, sinusitis, migraine and sleep apnea.

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– Lactic acid is the best natural way to benefit insomnia problem. The foods richest in lactic acid are yogurt and milk. Consuming these two foods 1 or 2 hours before bedtime allows you to have a comfortable sleep.

– It is recommended to consume honey to prevent stomach ailments. Thus, the rate of waking up at night due to stomach diseases is reduced.

– The most effective herbal teas are chamomile and lemon balm tea. These two types of tea cause an increase in the hormone melatonin. It also calms the nervous system. Thus, the brain falls asleep before it goes into an intellectual state.

Banana, which is rich in magnesium and potassium, is one of the most effective foods after yogurt for sleep problems.

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