What is the mu variant? What are the symptoms of the Mu variant? Where did the mu variant originate?

The coronavirus has mutated almost many times since its emergence, but when some of these mutations were quite severe, the rate of spread of the virus increased accordingly. A new one was added to the increasing number of variants the other day. We have researched for you those who are curious about the new type of coronavirus, which is registered as a Mu variant. What are the symptoms of the Mu variant? Where did the mu variant originate?

The fight against coronavirus, which has been going on for about 2 years, was also started during the vaccination period. Despite the vaccination started all over the world, the virus continues to mutate. But the latest variant of the coronavirus, some variants of which is quite deadly, was Mu. Apart from Mu, which is among the worry variants, there are Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta. The Mu variant, which was also listed by the World Health Organization, was detected for the first time in Colombia. Now, cases have been reported in the UK, USA and Japan. The Mu variant, which is heading towards a global effect, accounts for close to 40 percent of cases. This variant type has not yet been detected in our country.

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The studies on the Mu variant, which was recorded in scientific research files as B. 1.621, included statements that “has a cluster of mutations that show potential features of immune escape.” Although the research has not been completed yet, it is said that it may escape the immune system defenses by showing a symptom similar to the Beta variant. However, the World Health Organization stated that research on this continues. The effects of the Mu variant, which is feared for the severity of its resistance, are also rapid. In the light of these researches, the World Health Organization announced that the resistance of the variant against the vaccine may be strong, but the definitive result will emerge after the researches.

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It starts with a high fever, as it shows a strong resistance to immunity. On the other hand, body fractures continue with conditions such as fatigue, headache, loss of appetite. Since the field is hard according to the coronavirus and Delta variant, the pains and high fever are also severe accordingly. Although the exact symptoms are not announced, according to the information received, these are among the symptoms of the Mu variant. After the incubation period, the person experiences a body malaise, almost unable to walk. That’s why experts underline once again that distance, hygiene and the use of masks should continue despite the vaccination.

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