What is the memory wipe method? How is trans magnetic stimulation done? Does it work?

The trans magnetic stimulation method, which is claimed to have been made by celebrities recently, broke the search record. This method, which celebrities resort to to erase their old and bad memories, has become a matter of curiosity. So what is the memory wipe method? How is trans magnetic stimulation done? Does it work? For you, we have researched everything that is curious about this method, which is often seen in science fiction movies but also used in real life.

Trans magnetic stimulation, an alternative treatment method, was first performed in 1903. TMS, a psychiatric method, was used for those experiencing severe depression. The method is applied to make people forget the bad memories in their memory. A strong electronic current is supplied to the brain by a stimulating coil. The coil is placed on the head and concentrated in the part from the hair to the skin. In the method performed by sitting on a chair, there is no loss of consciousness, but the patient experiences chills due to the small electric current. In the 17th century, this method, which scientists wanted to develop for mental patients, was later developed to erase certain parts of the memory. As the technology developed, the prepared coil was improved by reaching the deformed nerves. Work is still being done on it. The method became a matter of curiosity with the allegations that some celebrities in our country have applied it to forget the severe traumas they have experienced in the last 5 years. It was first claimed that Merve Bolugur had it done after the news of the divorce. Finally, it was discussed that Yağmur Tanrısever would have it done.


It is a method that was revealed in the early 17th century to erase bad moments of people with psychological problems or to start life again by completely erasing their memory. In those years, the method was performed on mental patients and animals. Although positive effects were obtained, it was avoided to be applied to patients unless the severity became severe for a long time, since the side effects are quite severe. Developed with the development of technology, trinkets have been made suitable for schizophrenia patients. However, it is not widely used because of the negative results of the treatment. Finally, today, the use of this method has increased as certain regions are determined and made. On the contrary, this treatment method, which is not common in Turkey, is widely applied and used in Europe.

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This method, which changes both the brain flow and the nervous system, can bring serious health problems. In some patients, it causes severe headache, imbalance in motor movements, tingling sensation in the muscles, as well as severe consequences such as seizures. There was also a decrease in the sense organs.

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