What is the corona risk in psoriasis patients? What are the symptoms of psoriasis and is it contagious?

Psoriasis, which is the most common skin disease, is genetic, but not a contagious disease. Spots occur as a result of deformation in the skin layer on the skin surface. We researched everything about psoriasis, which is a chronic disease. Experts explained whether the increasing coronavirus poses a risk in psoriasis. What are the symptoms of psoriasis and is it contagious?

It is a health problem that occurs in a tone different from the skin color due to the combination of dead cells. psoriasis is called. G This genetic disease can be passed from parent to child. at the same time p It can also be seen after conditions such as psychological disorders or weakening of the immune system. Some experts emphasize that an increase in the rate of white cells in the blood may also cause the emergence of this disease. However, the exact cause of this disease is unknown. In addition, psoriasis is not contagious because it is not caused by any virus or infection. Psoriasis, known as Psoriasis in the scientific literature, is a chronic skin disease. It is seen in infancy or old age. Drawing attention to psoriasis due to October 29, World Psoriasis Day, experts reminded that they should be more careful especially during the coronavirus process. Psoriasis patients, who are adversely affected by the use of any different substance on the skin surface, should pay attention to the use of disinfectant or cologne in this process. Do not go out unless necessary. As with every person, psoriasis patients are at risk of contracting the coronavirus. It is beneficial for psoriasis patients with severe and frequent episodes to continue their daily lives by consulting their specialists.

There are four types of psoriasis;

The most common type of psoriasis is the plaque type. This disease usually occurs with redness and scales on the elbows and knees.

The type that is usually seen in the fold areas of the skin is called inverse psoriasis. It is sometimes confused with eczema because of its appearance.

Erythrodermic psoriasis, which occurs with fluid imbalance in the skin, manifests itself with signs of redness and skin shedding. It is the rarest variety.

Drop type psoriasis, which is frequently encountered in children, can spread to the whole body.

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Psychological disorders arising from nervous disorders

Vitamin D, which occurs in significant amounts in the body

– Inflammation of the tonsils and urinary tract

Infection of the teeth

Damage to the skin tract by itching

Side effects of chronic drugs

Previously occurring skin problems also pave the way for psoriasis.

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Shapes like red spots or white scales all over the body

High skin irritation

Thickening of the nails, skin rash, cracking and itching

Rarely, joint and bone involvement

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It has sun and sea spots reducing feature. The reason for this is that the spots can heal as the vitamin D deficiency is eliminated. Solvent minerals, which are also found in sea water, support the removal of stains.

Precautions should be taken against dry skin in winter. Because dry skin is an important factor that triggers and increases psoriasis. For this, creams with a high water base should be used.

Regular bathing soothes the severity of stains.

In order to avoid diseases such as stress and depression, it is necessary to make orientations that will make you feel happy.



It is a difficult disease to diagnose. With the pieces taken from the skin, it is diagnosed whether the spots are psoriasis or not. While psoriasis occurs in only one area in some patients, it covers the whole body in some patients. Dermatologists apply a treatment method according to this situation. Because psoriasis, which spreads throughout the body, eventually collapses the patient’s immunity completely, causing bone inflammation. With drug treatment, this disease does not disappear completely. For relapsing psoriasis, experts give patients a moisturizing cream against itching and flaking.

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