What is tendinitis disease? What are the symptoms of tendinitis disease? Does tendinitis go away?

Did you know that shoulder, knee or ankle pain that most people experience in daily life is called tendinitis? We have researched for you what is curious about this disease, which is frequently seen in athletes. If not intervened on time, it invites serious diseases. So what is Tendinitis? What are the symptoms of tendinitis disease? Does tendinitis go away? Here is the answer to all the questions…

The ligament that connects the muscles and bones at the right points is called a tendon. Tendons are flexible. Because it supports the maintenance of the functionality of both the body and the muscles and bones without being damaged during motor movements. However, for some reason, these tendons are damaged. These damaged tendons cause a disease called tendinitis. Usually this disease occurs in athletes. This disease, which is more common in the shoulders, elbows and knees, invites serious health problems if not treated on time. Tendinitis, which reduces the quality of life of the patient, brings along sleep disturbance and intestinal pain. When these ligaments, which are likely to rupture, do not have a positive effect with medication and physical therapy, surgical intervention is finally performed.

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In advanced age, these ligaments wear out due to the decrease in calcium.

The most common condition is the inflamed coating of the tendons.

Tendinitis is also caused by the rupture of the tendons of people with occupations such as tennis, basketball, swimming, baseball and running.

Damage to the tendons as a result of the increase in the sugar level in the blood also invites the disease.

In addition, rheumatoid diseases, which is one of the increasing diseases today, can be seen with damage to the muscles and bones and then to the tendons.

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Severe pain from elbow to shoulder

Waking up at night with shoulder and leg pain

Difficulty walking and climbing stairs

not to step on the heel

Constant cold and pain in the lower back

Restriction of motor movements and severe pain are symptoms of the disease.

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Foods such as fish that are healthy and rich in omega-3 should be consumed,

A specialist should be consulted while exercising

Avoid heavy lifting and unbalanced movements

Do not sit in the same position

Materials should be taken according to weight and height.

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The probability of passing such diseases in old age is very low. Therefore, as soon as you notice the symptoms, a specialist should be consulted. If the disease is caused by inflammation, medication and physical therapy are provided. However, in cases such as rupture, surgery is performed. Apart from this, patients have plenty of omega-3, calcium and antioxidants; It is recommended to consume plenty of tomatoes, red meat and milk.

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