What is taurine and what does it do? Which foods contain taurine?

Taurine, which is usually found in energy drinks, is one of the main substances necessary for the body. Taurine, one of the aminoside types, is especially necessary for mental and physical performance. Additional supplements are added to infant formulas to contribute to the development of infants. The body also produces this substance on its own, but it decreases after a certain age. Apart from that, it must be taken through food. What is taurine?

Taurine, which is composed of sulfur-derived essential methionine and cystine, occurs naturally in the body. It supports the functioning of the brain functions. Thanks to its antioxidant feature, it strengthens the body movement control by improving the communication mechanism. The synthesis process of taurine, which keeps mental activities alive, provides the heart and liver. Any chronic condition in the brain or liver reduces the level of taurine by negatively affecting its functionality in the body. It affects the working speed by balancing calcium and potassium in the brain. Taurine deficiency also contributes positively to the nervous system. As this substance decreases in the body, the risk of experiencing mental conditions such as stress and depression increases. For this, experts emphasize that the level of this substance in the body should be kept high from the mother’s womb.

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taurine substance increases the body’s energy


  • It accelerates the metabolism and prevents regional lubrication.
  • Taurine, which reduces blood pressure and increases the production of endorphins, thus prevents stress and depression by affecting the functioning of the nervous system.
  • It regulates the fluid and its functions by affecting the functions of cells in the body. It prevents muscle and bone fatigue by increasing the energy level. It also helps bones heal quickly.
  • It is the most ideal material for those who do sports.
  • It is also associated with inflammation and diabetic conditions. It prevents the formation of edema in the body.
  • It works just like antioxidant substances that strengthen immunity. It accelerates the recovery process of the body after any illness.
  • Taurine, which is effective in blood flow and functional functions in cellular structures in the blood, also reduces cholesterol. In this way, it prevents the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases.
  • This substance is very important for people who lose their energy rapidly during the day. It renews the functions of the brain by renewing the nerve cells.

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taurine is added to energy drinks


When consumed excessively, it can cause more harm than good. Therefore, experts are not in favor of consuming energy drinks. In particular, a person who has taken too much caffeine during the day will consume energy drinks and cause the body to go bankrupt. It damages liver and kidney functions.


Taurine is found mostly in squid and oysters. In Far East countries, people feel energetic all day long by making squid soup and consuming it in the morning. On the other hand, it is found in fish, red meat, egg white, soda, yogurt and butter.

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