What is tarragon grass? The benefits of tarragon grass! Dishes made with tarragon

Tarragon grass, which has a one-to-one benefit for digestive diseases, has a pleasant smell and a sharp taste. It is added to meat and fish dishes in its dry form as well as consumed fresh. We have researched for you what is wondered about tarragon, a natural remedy for the pains that women experience during their menstrual cycle. So what is Tarragon? What are the benefits of tarragon grass? How is tarragon consumed? Here are the answers to the questions:

The homeland of tarragon grass, which belongs to the daisy family, is Siberia. Tarragon grass, which has thin long leaves, is green and yellow in color. It has a very sharp and pleasant smell. It is known as Artemisia dracunculus in the scientific literature. It is a perennial herb. It grows around 120-150 cm on average. It grows as a cultivated grass in European lands. The growing area of ​​this grass in Turkey; Erzurum, Bayburt, Gaziantep and Sanliurfa. It is also taken by different names such as dragon grass, Green gold and dargun. In its dry form, it is an indispensable spice in French cuisine. The trade of tarragon, which is known as dargun in the Bayburt region, is quite common. It is consumed by putting it in the stuffing of the pastry, and it is also eaten cooked just like spinach. It is also dried and made into tea. It is added to pasta and salads in Anatolia.

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It accelerates the secretion in the digestive system and ensures rapid processing of foods. Thus, it reduces stomach and intestinal pain. At the same time, it opens the appetite of those with loss of appetite. So it is a powerful natural remedy for those who want to gain weight.

It is an ideal food for those who experience frequent gassiness after meals. It facilitates digestion and prevents abdominal bloating or hardness.

It is generally good for urinary infection disease experienced by women. It prevents the accumulation of urine in the bladder by diuretic. Thus, it prevents the occurrence of stone and sand disturbances.

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It is good for the pains in the menstrual cycle experienced by women on a monthly basis. Relieves pain in the groin and body.

It is a powerful edema remover like thyme and cabbage. It removes all the inflammation in the body in a short time. It also helps to remove excess salt from the body.

Tarragon grass, which has a pleasant smell, also prevents bad breath. In addition, it reduces the infection in the mouth. When consumed as a tea, it cleans the tooth surface. It makes the salivary glands work more healthily. It prevents gingivitis.

Tea obtained from dried tarragon shows benefits in mental illnesses. It reduces body fatigue and stress after intense work tempo. It maintains the functionality of the nervous system.

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It is dried, turned into a spice and added to meals. Or it can be consumed in fresh form by making a salad. In addition, tea is made from the dried form of tarragon, which is used by cooking like spinach. Tarragon is used in making vinegar in Azerbaijan. This makes the vinegar more delicious. It provides flavor to meat and chicken dishes such as thyme.


When consumed excessively, its benefits for digestion turn into harm. It causes diarrhea, causing rapid dehydration of the body. Pregnant and lactating mothers should not consume it. As with any food, it is useful to consume tarragon grass in consultation with a specialist.

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