What is summer flu? What are the symptoms of summer flu? Ways to avoid summer flu

One of the common misconceptions about the flu is that it is never seen in the summer. However, there is a flu disease caused by different bacteria and viruses, especially in summer. This viral infection, known as summer flu, is more unbearable due to the heat. The disease, which starts with high fever, watery eyes and runny nose, leaves its place to severe headache and diarrhea. What is summer flu? Ways to avoid summer flu

Warm weather is thought to act as a shield against the flu-infecting bacteria. However, in the summer months, flu is experienced due to some external factors. The name of the disease, which is known as summer flu among the people, is legionnaires or air conditioner disease in science. Legionnaires’ disease; It occurs with symptoms such as fever, weakness, muscle aches and cough. Although it has similar characteristics with the winter flu, the bacteria caused by the disease are completely different. The bacteria that cause summer flu disease live and multiply in places such as ventilation and air conditioning. Bacteria that settle in the immune system of the person through the air cause disease over time.

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In summer, a glass of water should be drunk every hour during the day,

The degree of the air conditioner should be about 22-23,

The fans of the air conditioner should remain fixed towards the ceiling, not inside the room,

– You should not sleep where both the window and the air conditioner are open,

Air conditioner filters should be washed every three days,

In addition, maintenance of the air conditioner should not be neglected.

– Avoid heavy sports activities. Excessive sweating also invites summer flu.

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In the treatment of summer flu, the drugs used in the flu disease experienced in the winter months should not be used and hearsay recommendations should not be applied. In this disease, an otolaryngologist should be examined. In addition, the amount of fluid in the body should be balanced by consuming cherries, melons and watermelons, which are summer fruits in abundance. In the evening, you should go to bed by consuming ayran with mint and cucumber added. This ayran protects the body’s heat balance and prevents rapid sweating. It strengthens immunity. It makes nerve cells work.

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