What is Sultan Tea? How is Sultan Tea made? What are the benefits of Sultan tea?

Sultan tea, which is one of the herbal teas widely consumed both in the palace and among the people during the Ottoman Empire, provides benefits for many diseases. It is made by combining 14 different plants. It is especially preferred during seasonal transitions and winter months. It strengthens immunity. What is Sultan Tea? How is Sultan Tea made? What are the benefits of Sultan tea?

Consisting of cinnamon, galangal, clove, black pepper, linden, laurel, mint, jasmine, thyme, turmeric, rosehip, chamomile and dried lemon peels, which have scientifically proven benefits, sultan tea is especially beneficial for infectious diseases. It is served directly to those returning from war in the Ottoman period. Apart from that, it is given to the guests after the meal. It is also served with rose delight to guests who have eaten. Some also add extra carob, cardamom and saffron to the tea. Since it is made by combining more than one beneficial plant, it provides a strong drug effect.

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Since each plant has its own brewing style, experts advise to be careful while making sulan tea. A pinch of each dried herb is added to the boiling water. After waiting for it to brew for 5-8 minutes, it is filtered and poured into glasses. It is recommended to drink it with rose delight or by adding honey to it. Plants should never be boiled while in water. Substances in some herbs can be harmful. Sultan tea should be drunk on a full stomach.

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  • Sultan tea, which is rich in vitamin C, reduces the number of cells with free radicals in the body. In this way, it strengthens immunity against viruses.
  • It can be preferred especially to reduce severe pain during the menstrual period. It reduces the severity of pain and bleeding by treating it naturally.
  • Since it is a powerful toxin remover, it helps to remove regional edema in the body. It is recommended to consume by those who have regional weight problems. It also facilitates digestion. It allows food to be digested easily. It prevents indigestion and bloating problems.
  • Those who have frequent headache problems can consume it before going to bed at night or after lunch. Since it calms the nerve cells, it ensures that the blood flow to the brain is more controlled.
  • Thanks to its antiseptic feature, it helps to get rid of infections through urine.
  • It relaxes the muscles and prevents body aches.

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