What is Stockholm syndrome? What are the symptoms of Stockholm syndrome? When did it first appear?

Do you know what the “stockholm syndrome” is, which was put forward after the Palu family, which has recently occurred in Müge Anlı’s program? We have searched for you what is unknown about this syndrome, which is also the subject of TV series and disrupts the mental balance of the person. So what is Stockholm syndrome? What are the symptoms of Stockholm syndrome? When did it first appear? The answer to all questions is in the details of the news…

The admiration that the oppressed person begins to feel for the oppressor after a while. stockholm syndrome is called. The criminal influences the person he oppresses by behaving both well and badly. Over time, it results in the oppressed person’s love and respect for him. The criminal thus enters his rightful position. In some studies conducted by experts on this subject, it has been observed that the person under pressure is emotionally attached to the person who tortures him. Experts emphasize that the biggest factor in experiencing this situation may be the sense of surrender that arises while the brain is creating a shield against danger. It can also come out with a fight for survival. This varies by age group and gender. It is more frightening for a person at a young age to face this situation. It is thought that it is easier for a young person to become attached to a person and accept the situation. However, this is exactly the opposite. Taking over a child’s mind is not as easy as it seems. Since he is in the age of questioning everything, he does not easily accept the situation he is in. This increases the violence of the person applying the pressure.

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In adults, the situation is different. Compared to men, women accept this situation more easily. He thinks he is his only connection in life. The syndrome is most domestic violence, abuse or rape It occurs in events and in people who go to prison. Experts state that these people’s experiencing the syndrome may also be caused by deficiencies and traumas in their inner world. La Casa De Papel it happened. In addition, this syndrome was the subject of some films in world cinema. V For VendettaAfter a while, the girl who is held captive in the movie named V admires V and thinks that she is actually protecting herself, and she experiences the syndrome.

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In another study, it was determined that the feeling of love triggers this syndrome after a while and the person in love begins to feel that he belongs to the other person. This syndrome first occurred during a bank robbery in Sweden in 1973. The syndrome was triggered by the fact that the people who went to rob the bank behaved well to the people they took hostage, but the situations that the police did while they were trying to save them were perceived badly by the hostages. At the end of the incident, the people who were taken hostage did not make a single complaint against the robbers.


Being grateful for even a small favor

Do not feel guilty for the wrongdoing of the criminal

Don’t constantly think about the culprit

Do not think well of the person who oppresses him and do not feel sorry for him.

Not accepting the violence and oppression experienced

It manifests itself with symptoms such as looking at everything through the eyes of the criminal.

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According to experts, its treatment has a very difficult process. Because the victim’s acceptance of the event leads to a psychological state. Therefore, the patient receives therapy for a long time. In this process, it is tried to be accepted that the criminal is guilty and that he is the victim. Reminder and provide evidence to show that what they experienced was violence. The patient is both persuaded and tried to be treated. In this case, the most important situation is to ensure that the person gains self-confidence.

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