What is spring fatigue and what are its symptoms? Which foods are good for spring fatigue?

Seasonal transitions occur as the weather starts to warm up. In this process, people experience some physical health problems. The most common health problem in this process, where the human body gets used to nature, is fatigue. Experts call it spring fatigue because it is seen in these months. This fatigue reduces the quality of daily life. So what is spring fatigue and what are its symptoms?

Spring fatigue is seen in people who cannot adapt to the seasonal changes and have a weak constitution. Generally, this situation is in individuals; It causes problems such as stress and insomnia. The rising temperature as the sun’s rays begin to fall perpendicular to the ground also causes suffocating humidity. The body, which got used to wearing thick clothes to protect itself from the cold during the winter, now tries to get used to thin clothes gradually. At the same time, the body, which is resistant to cold, decreases with heat. Spring fatigue, which prepares the ground for both physical and psychological collapse, can lead to chronic fatigue if the necessary intervention is not made.

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The veins of the stomach, which are accustomed to warm and hot foods due to cold, cause the veins to constrict when they encounter cold foods. This reduces the functionality of the stomach. It causes diseases such as gastritis.

Constriction of other vessels in the body also paves the way for cardiovascular diseases. Since it negatively affects blood flow, it causes coldness in the feet and sudden warmth in the head area.

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As both the surface of the skin and the dermis layer prepare for heat, it causes excessive dryness. As the cells are deformed, the hair follicles are also damaged. Generally, excessive hair loss is experienced during these times.

Health problems such as body fatigue, weakness and constant sleepiness are experienced. Occasional dizziness and unsteadiness may occur.

Rising temperatures restrict even breathing. In addition, since the heat causes the sweat glands to work rapidly, the oxygen in the body becomes insufficient. This causes the lung to lose its function.


Çağla, one of the fruits identified with the spring month, is good for heart diseases. It also helps reduce bad cholesterol levels.

Strawberry, another spring fruit, increases the body’s resistance thanks to the vitamins A, B, C and K it contains. It strengthens the gums, nervous system and bone structure. Thanks to these features, strawberries are one of the most effective fruits in relieving spring fatigue.

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One of the problems experienced during the transition from winter to spring months is the decrease in the body’s resistance. Experts say that the most beneficial way to strengthen body resistance is a mixture of clove juice. This mixture; It is prepared by adding cloves, mint leaves, lemon slices and apple peel into a one-liter water bottle.

One of the indispensable fruits of spring is the other plum. Plum reduces the heat in the body. At the same time, while eliminating iron deficiency, it balances the estrogen hormone in women.

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In these seasons, you can go to a quiet holiday resort, even for two days.

You can do stretching exercises for 10 minutes in the morning.

You can definitely consume fruit or greens for snacks.

You can increase the consumption of foods with B and C vitamins.

During these months, increase the water consumption to 3 liters.

– You can walk for half an hour during the day.

You can prefer boiled foods rather than fatty foods.

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