What is spinal cord constriction? What are the symptoms of spinal cord stenosis? Is there a cure for spinal cord stenosis?

Do you know what is spinal cord narrowing, which starts with low back pain that progresses insidiously after the age of 40 and then spreads to the neck, which affects the quality of life and health? We have searched for you everything that is curious about spinal cord narrowing, which starts with calcium deficiency and calcification, and can result in sudden paralysis. So what is spinal cord stenosis? What are the symptoms of spinal cord stenosis? Is there a cure for spinal cord stenosis? The answer to all questions is in the details of the news…

Spinal stenosis, which is referred to as spinal stenosis in the scientific literature, is a serious disease. Because nerves pass through the spinal canal. Damage to these nerves impairs the body’s functionality. The narrowing occurs in the wide and joining areas of the spinal cord in the waist and neck. Spinal cord narrowing, which manifests itself with foot and leg pain, is genetic, age-related and occurs with malnutrition. The spine is the bone structure that covers the spinal cord. The spinal cord passes through this structure together with the nerves. It goes to the brain. It provides the flexibility of the body with the movement command of the brain. This structure, which goes from the neck of the back to the waist, is one of the sensitive areas. Decreased calcium in the spine puts pressure on the spinal canal. Decreased fluid loss in bones, especially in advanced ages, also impairs the proportions of the discs that make up the spine. This, in turn, narrows the spinal canal with pressure. At the same time, the rhythm disorder in the heart also disrupts the blood flow of the body. This change puts pressure on the waist. As a result of the pressure, the structure of the spine deteriorates, causing narrowing of the spinal canal.

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Severe pain is felt from the waist to the neck.

Due to the inability of the spine to move freely, there is difficulty in lying on the back.

Do not feel pressured pain in the knees and ankles because as the pain in the lower back increases, the weight goes down to these areas.

The enlargement of the bladder bag due to back pain causes incontinence of the patient as a result.

Severe bone stinging in the hip during sitting and disruptions in general body movements are signs of spinal canal narrowing.

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Microsurgical method is applied for advanced canal narrowing. With this method, the channel is expanded. After the treatment is administered, the patient is given medication to strengthen the bones. In addition, if the patient is overweight, a healthy diet is applied to lose weight. A long stay is provided. The patient’s nervous system must be protected because otherwise it could have serious consequences. Since the complaints are the same as the symptoms in some diseases, it is necessary to consult a specialist without natural intervention at home.

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