What is smuggled tea? What are the benefits of smuggled tea? Is smuggled tea harmful?

We have searched for you who are wondering about illegal tea, which is darker than black tea, which is often consumed in the Eastern and Southeastern provinces of our country. Smuggled tea leaves, which taste quite bitter compared to normal tea, are also larger than the others. So what is smuggled tea? What are the benefits of smuggled tea? Is smuggled tea harmful? You can find the answers to the questions in the details of the news.

The type of tea that comes from countries such as Syria, Iran, Iraq and Sri Lanka with large leaves and contains more caffeine than regular tea is called smuggled tea. It is mostly consumed in Eastern provinces in our country. The smuggled tea, which has a very heavy taste and smell, is enough to brew even half a teapot. Some mix it with regular tea to consume. Smuggled tea, which is both historical and highly consumed in our country, is also used in alternative medicine. In the Eastern culture, they immediately offer this tea to show respect and love to the guest. Tea brewed in huge samovar is consumed not only after meals but always. In ancient times, smuggled tea water was used to clean wounds. At the same time, the leaves left after brewing were poured into the soil for the plants to grow healthier. It is also used in skin health, such as under-eye bags, cleaning the skin surface. It contains skin caffeine and high antioxidants. Smuggled tea contains more of these substances than other teas. In addition, there is a method that has been used since ancient times when brewing illegal tea. This is just washed and poured over boiling water. Method

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Since it contains high antioxidants, it prevents the accumulation of free radicals in the body. Thus, it prevents the occurrence of cancerous diseases.

The body needs a certain amount of caffeine in order for the brain nerves to work. In illegal tea, this substance is quite high. Even two glasses of caffeine easily provide the needed caffeinated tea, increases mental sensitivity and concentration ratio. It reduces the rate of occurrence of diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

It regulates the functions of the salivary glands by reducing the infected cells in the mouth. Protects oral and dental health by preventing wound formation.

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Smuggled tea is the most effective food in preventing diarrhea. By regulating intestinal functions, it neither becomes too solid nor too liquefied. In some regions, it is consumed by mixing smuggled tea with yogurt to prevent excessive diarrhea. Antioxidant of smuggled tea and probiotic of yoghurt regulate digestion.

Since it is a strong anti-inflammatory, it can be used to reduce the severity of diseases such as boils or eye styes. By dipping a cotton pad into a boiled smuggled tea, it is left on the eye and allows the inflammation inside to go away. It purifies the eye from microbes.

Its antioxidant benefits the skin both inside and outside the body. It can be used as a tonic to clean the pores on the face. Or the leaves are filtered after the water and left on the face. It is taken after waiting for 15 minutes and makes the skin look brighter and livelier. Some users state that it also provides equalization in skin color.

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Experts warn against its consumption as it contains twice as much antioxidants and caffeine as regular tea. At the same time, it is said that it should not be drunk while consuming. Experts emphasize that two glasses a day will be enough, otherwise the benefits it will provide may turn into harm. It causes nausea, especially when consumed on an empty stomach. The tannic acid it contains damages the stomach wall. Caffeine quickly mixes with the blood and prevents the enzyme from being enzymatic. This predisposes to anemia. Since it keeps the mind open all the time, it also causes sleep disorders.

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