What is sleepwalking? What are the causes of sleepwalking and is there a cure?

Have you encountered someone who gets out of bed and walks during sleep? Or did you find yourself in another room during the waking phase after going to sleep? We have compiled for you those who are curious about the sleepwalking disease that causes all this situation. So what is sleepwalking? What are the causes of sleepwalking and is there a cure? You can find the answers to all these questions in the details of the news.

In the deepest moment of sleep, the state of the body to get up and become active despite the decrease in the functions of the brain is called somnambulism. The disease, which is frequently seen in childhood, has increased the possibility of its occurrence in adults in recent years. This curable disease should be diagnosed and intervened early. Otherwise, it may cause serious inconveniences. Sleepwalking is a sleep disorder that falls under the category of parasomia, which is called sleepwalking or sleepwalking. The discomfort seen in a traumatic situation in childhood usually resolves spontaneously during adolescence. However, there may be other reasons for sleepwalking despite advanced age. In sleepwalking after the age of 20, patients usually get up at 2 or 3 hours at midnight. Science explains sleepwalking as follows. Sleep has stages. The person first goes into a light sleep state. He then falls into a deep sleep. However, in sleepwalkers, this situation occurs when the sleep starts to lighten again after deep sleep. Even though the body gets up and moves around and the brain is active, the person does not come out of sleep before going into the deep sleep, that is, NREM stage. According to scientists, after a complication in the deep sleep phase, a person becomes sleepwalker. However, although it is not known exactly what triggers it, some reasons are put forward.

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Fear of abandonment, lack of love, comparison with the success of others, a great loss in the family

Not feeling safe where they are

Nerve cells deformed due to intense work tempo during the day

Stress, depression, panic attacks, anxiety

Side effects of some drugs used

Difficulty falling into deep sleep

Conditions such as the hormone melatonin not working at all trigger sleepwalking.

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The patient gets out of bed and walks around. Consciousness varies from person to person. Some people are half asleep while others remember nothing. It is difficult for these patients to wake up from sleep, and many specialists do not want patients to be awakened. They may act senseless. He even dresses, eats, brushes teeth, talks at this time, but is unresponsive to all situations coming from the environment. The most dangerous findings can even be found in activities such as opening the door, opening the window, jumping from the balcony or burning the stove. This type of person can also be triggered in patients with personality disorders, although it is rare. The slightest complaint is that he goes back to bed and sleeps after going around the whole house.

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Relatives of patients should be more careful in this regard. Because in this disease, which has a cure, experts try to determine from which condition the person is experiencing this process. In the treatment developed in this direction, it is tried to reduce the conditions that disrupt deep sleep. Experts usually recommend patients to take a nap. Apart from this, the person is treated with sleep and behavioral therapy. To prevent sudden sweating of the body during attacks, the need for the toilet is absolutely eliminated before going to sleep. Foods that increase the hormone melatonin should be consumed. In short, the patient goes through a psychological and physiological treatment process.

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