What is sinusitis pain? What are the symptoms of sinusitis? How to open blocked sinus?

When the sinuses in the nasal passages are blocked as a result of infection and inflammation, it causes severe facial and headache. Sinusitis is a disease that occurs as a result of the obstruction of the sinuses. It causes severe facial bone and gum pain that reduces the quality of life and in some people. What is sinusitis pain? What are the symptoms of sinusitis? How to open blocked sinus?

The air holes around the nasal bones are called sinuses. The sinuses, which are part of the system that provides secretion in the nose, finally take their full shape at the age of 24. In this system, the secretion collects the bacteria and dust that settles on the inner surface of the nose and is excreted by pressure or by phlegm in the throat, and the stomach is broken down by the stomach acid. However, sinusitis occurs when the sinus canals are deformed and bacteria accumulate inside as a result of obstruction of the sinus canals, deterioration of the secretion system with upper respiratory tract diseases or hardening of the mucus consistency. There are five types of sinusitis. These;

acute sinusitis
chronic sinusitis
subacute sinusitis
Recurrent acute sinusitis
Acute exacerbation of chronic sinusitis

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  • The most common situation is that, when mucus clogged with the upper respiratory tract is not treated in detail, they form edema, which causes every mucus secreted to accumulate and clog there.
  • A physical problem in the nose structure can also cause it.
  • It paves the way for nasal concha growth, which causes narrowing or obstruction in the sinus canals.
  • The growth of nasal meat is another dangerous situation.
  • It occurs as a result of the closure of the ostia as a result of the pressure experienced in the ear and nose during travel.

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Cough that usually starts in the middle of the night

Dark yellow and green discharge from the nose

Impaired sense of smell, nausea and bad breath

mental disorders

Burning in the throat and accompanying nasal discharge

long lasting headache

It manifests itself with symptoms such as severe contractions in and around the eyes.

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This ailment, which becomes chronic if not intervened in a timely manner, paves the way for diseases such as chronic pharyngitis, chronic gastritis, reflux, infections and abscesses around the eyes, meningitis, and brain abscess. When early intervention is made, the patient is usually treated with medication. If the symptoms persist despite drug therapy, specialists may consider surgical operation appropriate. With the method called “Endoscopic Sinus Surgery”, the congestion in the sinus canals is tried to be removed. Depending on the patient’s age and body health, specialists may change the treatment method. It is checked for what reasons the sinus remnants are closed.

– Mix a tablespoon of rock salt in hot water thoroughly. Then inhale the water into your nose. Then blow your nose quickly.

– Add peppermint or tea tree oils to boiling water and smell the steam. It opens the blocked sinuses by breathing well. However, if you do not take a breath and blow your nose immediately, it will make a temporary opening.

– The fastest and centuries-old method is black pepper. Black pepper can trigger the nerves in the nose, causing sneezing and then opening of the sinus channels.

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Infectious diseases should be seen by a specialist on time.

The face area should not be exposed to direct wind especially.

Disorders such as curvature of the nasal bone or flesh growth should be treated before they cause this disease.

People with allergies and weakened immunity should be treated in a timely manner.

It should prevent nasal congestion for a long time. In order to open the nostrils, you should breathe in the vapor of menthol-containing mint or salt, which is a solvent substance.

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