What is restless legs syndrome causing leg pain at night?

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Restless legs syndrome is a condition that is ignored by the society and often does not require a doctor’s consultation. However, the disease, which affects 5 percent of the ball, significantly reduces the quality of life of the person if left untreated. Restless legs syndrome usually occurs when resting, especially during the transition to sleep, with indescribable restlessness, tingling, burning, stinging and pain in the legs. You can find all your questions about restless legs syndrome in the rest of our news…

What is restless legs syndrome?

Restless legs syndrome is one of the most common nervous system diseases. Individuals with this disease experience a feeling of discomfort in the legs, feet, and sometimes in the arms, especially at rest. As the disease can occur at any age, the problems caused by the disease increase with age. If the individual remains inactive, there is an increase in the feeling of restlessness in the affected areas. In many of the restless legs syndrome diseases, sleep problems caused by the disease can also be observed.

Restless legs syndrome symptoms

The symptoms seen in individuals suffering from restless legs syndrome are as follows:

– Feeling restless in the legs and feet
– The need to constantly move due to a feeling of restlessness
– Pain and discomfort that increases at night
– The feeling that the pain and restlessness are reduced for a short time by moving the affected area
– Involuntary twitching of the legs

Causes of restless legs syndrome

Restless legs syndrome often occurs with an unknown cause (idiopathic). In some cases, other factors in the individual play a role in the emergence of the disease. Some of these can be listed as follows:

– genetic predispositions

– Disturbance in dopamine balance
– Pregnancy (especially the last trimester)
– Anemia due to iron deficiency or other causes
– neuropathy
– Excessive alcohol use
– Formation of spinal cord or spinal block in the spinal cord
– Use of antidepressant and antipsychotic drugs that increase the amount of serotonin

Restless legs syndrome treatment

In case of any problem such as iron deficiency or anemia underlying the disease, a treatment plan should be applied primarily to eliminate this problem. In other cases, massage, hot and cold compress applications, exercise and drug treatments can be used.

In this disease, where nutrition is also of great importance, it is beneficial to keep the dietary intake of substances that trigger the disease, such as caffeine, under control. Apart from these, patients with restless legs syndrome should avoid situations such as stress, smoking, and being inactive for a long time.

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