What is rambutan? What are the benefits of rambutan fruit? How to eat rambutan?

Rambutan, one of the tropical fruits, is fringed in appearance. Rambutan, which has a sour taste, has been found to be an antidiabetic food in studies. While providing the necessary energy for the body, it also provides healthy weight loss. It is also rich in iron, which is beneficial for the immune system. So what is Rambutan? What are the benefits of rambutan fruit? How to eat rambutan? Here are the answers to the questions:

Rambutan, which is known as Nephelium lappaceum in the scientific literature, is a tropical tree fruit. The homeland of rambutan, which grows on a tree belonging to the soap tree family, is the Indonesian islands. At the same time, this tropical fruit is also seen in other South East Asian countries. Studies have shown that lyche, longan and pulasan are close to tropical fruits. The reason for giving this name to rambutana, which means hair, is the shapes on its outer surface. This fruit, which is in Southeast Asia, spread to the world thanks to Arab travelers. Ships in the Indian Ocean took this fruit from here to Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Trinidad and Cuba. In the 1950s, its distribution was limited. Because the fruit began to rot early in different seasons. Honey obtained from rambutan, the indispensable fruit of bees, provides incredible benefits to human health. It grows in moist soils and abundant rainfall. Since it decays quickly, its trade is limited. It is usually offered for sale in the market after the transaction appears. It is usually made for feast or jam. The trees do not shed many leaves. Stays green even in cold weather. Rambutan, which is sold on the streets in Indonesia, is grown specially for bees in Malaysia. The rambutan, whose outer structure is hairy, resembles an egg in its inner appearance. Since it is very rich in iron, it is indispensable for the immune system. Experts warned that the seeds should never be consumed. It is also used in fruit salads and cocktails in luxury venues.

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Although it is white inside, it contains lycopene thanks to its outer shell. In this way, it provides rapid regeneration of body cells. In the researches, it has been determined that the skin surfaces of people who eat rambutan fruit are quite bright and clean.

It is also an ideal fruit for people who work at an intense pace and experience stress. Because rambutan reduces the oxidative rate. It removes excess toxins from the body. This strengthens immunity while eliminating stress. It also reduces the formation of cancerous cells. Prevents Parkinson’s and allergic rhinitis.

This fruit, which is high in calories and fiber, can be in the first place in diet lists. Rambuta, which regulates the digestive system, also increases body energy. However, it should be consumed in moderation. Otherwise, it may cause diarrhea.

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In addition to the fruit, the leaves and oil also provide benefits. The oil, which is especially beneficial for the hair, prevents shedding and wear. It gives a brighter and more pleasant appearance. The oil that comes out by crushing the fruit is brought to the consistency of paste with the fruit. It is applied to the roots of the hair. After 15 minutes, it is washed off with warm water.

It is an ideal food for those with chronic constipation or metabolic difficulties. Increases digestive tract functionality. It increases the frequency of going to the toilet by arranging the cells. At the same time, most of the Far East countries have used this fruit for stomach discomfort. In addition, it is given as an alternative natural medicine in people with high inflammation in the body.

In some studies, it has been found that it also eliminates conditions such as infertility. In this way, experts emphasize that it is effective for couples who want to have children.

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Rambutan, which strengthens the body against viruses and bacteria, is effective in strengthening immunity because it is strong in iron. It is recommended to be consumed in moderation, especially during pregnancy.

In cases of high fever, the leaves and bark are boiled and consumed. This regulates body pressure. It reduces fever by balancing fluid and oxygen. In addition, another study showed that rats with diabetes were beneficial. It is necessary to consult a specialist before consuming rambutan, which balances blood sugar.


Rambutan, which is among the tropical fruits, does not have serious side effects. However, experts emphasize that the core should never be consumed. In excess, it causes digestive diseases.

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