What is propolis? What are the benefits of propolis? How is propolis used?

Do you know what propolis, which bees produce besides honey, has high vitamin and mineral values? This substance, which bees produce to protect the honeycomb, is beneficial for human health, especially for fungal diseases. So what is propolis? What are the benefits of propolis? How is propolis used? We have researched everything that is curious about propolis, which is available in different colors for you. You can find it in the details of the news.

Another substance produced by bees to clean the inside of their honey hives and protect them against external factors is called propolis. Available in yellow, orange, black and brown. Propolis, a resinous substance; beech, elm and conifer trees. B.C. It has a history that goes back to 350 years. Since its discovery, propolis, the most effective nutrient in preventing infection in alternative medicine, was used as a natural remedy by the Greeks for the treatment of abscesses, the Egyptians for embalming their corpses, and the Assyrians for cleaning wounds. Bees build propolis from the outside of the hive to the inside in a smooth system. Especially by closing the mouths of the honeycombs, other living things are prevented from entering. The substance, which has a strong antibiotic effect, prevents any living creature from coming into contact with it. Just like honey, propolis differs according to the flowers collected. After the honey is removed from the hive, propolis is scraped off. It is made suitable for use by going through some processes. It contains polyphenols, phenolic acids, terpenes, steroids, vitamins B1, B2, C and E, minerals and amino acids. Therefore, propolis shows strong antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral effects against diseases.

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In researches, the pure form of propolis cleans all viruses, bacteria and fungi in the body. It provides a protective effect on immunity. Thanks to its antibacterial effect, it prevents inflammation.

Viruses that pass from some animals to humans cause viral diseases. These diseases seriously affect the health of the person negatively. However, studies have shown that propolis is more effective than antiviral drugs and, since it does not contain chemicals, it cleans these viruses by protecting body functions.

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It cleans the inflammation in the stomach and intestines, which are the most sensitive in the digestive system. It strengthens the stomach wall. It prevents risky diseases such as stomach ulcer and perforation caused by acid. It balances the water and acid ratio in the stomach. It prevents the formation of excess gas and increases the functionality of the intestines.

The cells in the body mutate with various effects, and then a cancer called tumor begins. It can cause cancer and even death if not intervened in the required time. However, propolis protects the structure of the cells and prevents them from being deformed. Antioxidant and anti-cancer propolis has shown positive results in the treatment of cancer types such as brain, pancreas, kidney, skin, prostate, breast, colon and liver.

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Its antioxidant properties are also effective in skin diseases. It prevents aging and wrinkles by renewing skin cells. It prevents acne, pimples and blackhead formations. It not only renews the skin but also the hair follicles and prevents them from shedding and wear. It supports rapid healing by showing an antimicrobial effect in burn treatment without leaving any scars on the skin.

It is a very effective natural remedy for oral and dental health. It prevents gingivitis and tooth loss by reducing the infection in saliva. It destroys the effect of infection in decayed teeth. In particular, it prevents bad breath.


It is used in medicine, cosmetics and food industry. It is also available in the form of grains in herbalists. Some traders mix it with honey and sell it. It is also available in tablet form. Even if there are no side effects, the amount of consumption should be determined by consulting a specialist.

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