What is premenstrual syndrome? How does menstrual cramps pass? Foods that are good for menstrual pain…

Menstruation, which women experience from puberty to clean the uterus, is a difficult process. The pain experienced in this process also significantly reduces the quality of life of women. In addition to hormonal disorder, we have investigated this painful and stressful process for you. So what is premenstrual syndrome? How does menstrual cramps pass? What foods are good for menstrual pain? Here is the answer to all the questions…

A few days before the menstrual period, most women experience health problems such as thirst, changes in appetite, edema in the body, fatigue and skin problems. In addition to these, symptoms such as intestinal problems, nausea and dizziness are seen. Some women get through these situations very lightly, thanks to their strong immunity and pain thresholds. Some, however, have crying spells, tantrums, and want to stay away from social gatherings. These symptoms are seen in higher functions. premenstrual syndrome is called. To have premenstrual syndrome, a woman must have at least three continuous episodes of these symptoms. Because long-term recurrent symptoms may pave the way for the emergence of different diseases. Therefore, the best diagnosis is made by noting periods and experiences. In addition, every woman has extreme pain and stress during her menstrual period. Because drastic change occurs in the body complication. This has a very negative effect on the mental state. To reduce the severity of pain, women apply some natural methods at home. The most common of these is the hot water bag.

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The healthiest food that increases the estrogen hormone in nature is lemon balm tea. Because the hormonal system, which is disrupted during the menstrual period, causes different health problems. Therefore, it is very beneficial to keep the estrogen, that is, the female hormone, in balance.

During this period, suddenly weakened body cells cause bone and muscle pain. For this, especially experts recommend consuming foods that strengthen bones and muscles in this period. Sugarcane molasses is one of the foods that will benefit in this regard.

Basil is recommended for women experiencing stress and fatigue. Basil also reduces the severity of menstrual cramps. You can boil the dried basil for 10 minutes, squeeze a few drops of lemon into its content and consume a glass.



The decrease in the happiness hormone in the changing hormones affects women negatively. However, in this process, dark chocolate, which is rich in magnesium, should be consumed in abundance. This nutrient both regulates the blood rate and the serotonin it contains activates brain functions and reduces stress and depression.

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One of the most natural foods for women who feel bloated before and after menstruation is yogurt. Especially in this process, the body loses a significant amount of calcium. Thanks to the calcium substance it contains, yoghurt prevents this negativity from happening. In addition, it facilitates digestion and prevents the body from collecting edema and bloating.

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Thanks to the high antioxidant content of garlic and onion, it prevents the body from multiplying by free radicals. Experts recommend that women consume these two foods in order to reduce menstrual pain. Since they clean the body through urine, the rate of experiencing any discomfort is reduced.

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In some studies, it has been determined that ginger reduces the severe menstrual pains of women in the first three days. Thanks to the curcumin substance it contains, it supports the cleansing of the body by showing an antioxidant effect. It regulates the increased nerve signals in the brain before menstruation. It prevents the occurrence of irritability and irritability.

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Almost all green vegetables contain vitamins A, C, B6 and E. Thanks to these properties, it increases the pain threshold of the body and reduces the risk of pain and mental disorders.

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Experts, so that this period does not return to severe psychological disorders; recommends regular walking and sports exercises. In addition, it is necessary to wake up at the same time and sleep at the same time every day without disturbing normal life functions. Apart from all these situations, certain foods should be consumed to reduce heavy pains before and during menstruation. At the same time, the consumption of fat, salt, sugar and carbohydrate foods should be reduced. Especially in the winter months, women’s consumption of green vegetables will lead to a healthier process.

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