What is pelvic congestion syndrome (PKS)?

Pelvic Congestion Syndrome (PKS) , which is not evident in the gynecological physical examination findings in women, but makes itself felt by some symptoms , can often be confused with other diseases. Patients may experience pain or feel fullness by pressing on the lower abdomen. In some of the patients, varicose veins draw attention in areas that are not normally seen, such as the groin, genital area, inner thigh and hip.

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If pelvic congestion syndrome is not treated , it significantly reduces the comfort of life with increasingly severe pain in women. Acıbadem Fulya Hospital Cardiovascular Surgery Specialist Assoc. Dr. Cem Arıtürk made the following statements on the subject.

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Assoc. Dr. Cem Arıtürk

There are drugs that can be used in the treatment of pelvic congestion syndrome (PKS). Some drugs that will restore the hormonal balance can reduce the rate of progression of the disease and sometimes stop the progression. However, we can also use various painkillers to relieve pelvic pain. Surgical treatment, on the other hand, was a treatment method that was used especially in ancient times. However, ligation of problematic enlarged pelvic vessels with open surgery is almost never used today, since it is a serious operation with a high probability of complications”

With today’s technological advances and opportunities, pelvic congestion syndrome treatment methods have made a big difference. Stating that progress has been made , Dr. Cem Arıtürk continued his words as follows: “The closure of problematic pelvic veins with interventional techniques is among the most commonly used treatment methods. In these non-surgical interventions performed through the inguinal or neck vein, enlarged, structurally impaired veins in the pelvic region are detected. These problematic vessels are first given a constricting drug and then special plugs are placed inside. The technical success of this procedure is 99%, and the recurrence rate is below 5%. Transactions can be made in any season of the year. The timing of the procedure has nothing to do with the menstrual period. There is no change in fertility and menstrual pattern after the procedure.

brief about PKS

  • Pelvic congestion syndrome is similar to varicose veins in the legs or varicocele around the testicles in men.
  • In pelvic congestion syndrome, there is an abnormal increase in pressure and enlargement of the veins around the uterus, ovaries and tubes
  • This causes chronic pain.
  • PKS can be seen not only in women but also in men.

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