What is ozone oil? What are the benefits of ozone oil? How to use ozone oil?

Ozone oil, which has proven to be more beneficial than olive oil, contains 70 percent omega-3 fatty acids. Ozone oil, which is strong in killing bacteria and germs; It is used in cosmetics, textile and pharmaceutical industries. Olive oil is obtained by keeping it in the sun. When used unconsciously, it adversely affects the lungs. So what are the benefits of ozone oil? How to use ozone oil?

Ozone circulates in the air as a gas, so its storage is impossible. We take this gas into our body through oxygen in the forests and seasides where the air is the cleanest. Special facilities have been established to use this oil, which has a high antioxidant effect, in sectors such as food, health, logistics, and textile in some countries. Especially in these facilities, surgical skin care is performed. It is obtained by mixing olive oil, sesame, jojoba and wheat oils. However, these oils must be in their purest form. Because these foods contain ozone with the effect of photosynthesis. Thanks to this, ozone oil is made. In particular, the ozone that permeates the olive oil thickens and acquires a gel-like consistency over time. It can be used for many years. It is a method used as a special and natural treatment during all deformities on the skin.

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When the liver is excessively fatty, severe acne and pimples occur on the skin. This turns into a difficult skin problem to treat. The most effective treatment for this ailment is ozone oil. In a short time, it reduces the dirt on the skin layer and makes the skin surface smooth. In addition, it removes deep pits and layers formed.

It can be used as a natural treatment method for oral herpes caused by inflammation. It is also very effective in destroying the viruses that cause herpes. When used as a mouthwash, it also reduces the risk of tooth and gum diseases and destroys the thick layer of dirt on the tooth surface.

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It is applied to the chest by massaging in chest pain and cough due to the upper respiratory tract. This application ensures that the inflammation in the chest is eliminated through sputum in a short time, and it also supports the end of dry cough in a short time.

It equalizes the damaged skin color that develops due to some genetic conditions on the skin. Thanks to this feature, it is used in the treatment of serious diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, uritis and vitilio. In addition, by increasing the rate of cell metabolism in the skin. It is also used in the treatment of skin problems such as cellulite and varicose veins.

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When used during situations such as muscle tearing and stretching, the muscle relaxes and returns to its former function without being damaged. It also has a healing effect when used during rheumatism, bone and joint pains.

This oil, which has a high level of antioxidants, supports the relief of any pain applied as a massage in a short time.

It provides a comfortable sleep when applied to the neck, legs and face before going to bed at night. It also increases the elasticity of the skin.

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– The ozone oil you apply by massaging the scalp heals the formations such as dandruff and scars on the scalp in a short time. It can also be used in diaper rash of babies.

– Nail fungus is a disease seen in 30 percent of the society. This discomfort, which occurs due to genetic and environmental factors, causes a very uncomfortable situation in terms of aesthetics as well as nail loss. The most natural way to treat this disease without nail loss is through ozone oil. Apply ozone oil to the nail, stretch and wait for half an hour.

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