What is osteoporosis? What are the symptoms of osteoporosis and is there a treatment?

We have searched for you, who are curious about the bone resorption disease, which usually occurs in advanced ages. Bone resorption, which manifests itself in situations such as the failure of the fractures to heal for a long time or the breaking of the bones immediately, is known as osteoporosis in science. So what is osteoporosis? What are the symptoms of osteoporosis and is there a treatment? You can find everything about osteoporosis in the details of the news.

Insidious osteoporosis begins with osteopenia, that is, low bone density. These two disorders are often confused among the public. But osteopenia is the beginning of osteoporosis. Osteopenia is treatable, but osteoporosis is difficult to treat. In osteoporosis, a person loses more than one bone at the same time. Bone resorption, which is one of the diseases of advanced age, is rarely seen at young ages. Women are more likely to live than men. Since the disease occurs, there is loss of tissues in the bones. Any movement or trauma also causes irreversible damage to the bone. It usually starts in the knees and elbows. The main causes of osteoporosis are the decrease in calcium and collagen. These substances are the basis of bone formation. It develops rapidly from childhood to the age of 20s. After the age of 40, some changes occur in the bone structure. The biggest factor in the melting of bones is the increase in toxin and acid ratios. Unhealthy diet and sedentary life of the person also trigger this.

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– Due to genetic factors

– Do not consume cortisone drugs for a long time

– The menopause period that women experience after the age of 45

– Insufficient hormone production

– Excess amount of acid in the body that causes rheumatic diseases

– Weakening of the immunity of people with chronic diseases against bacteria and viruses

– healthy nutrition

– Deficiency in vitamins D and C

– Excessive consumption of nicotine or caffeine

– Situations such as frequent damage to bones pave the way for osteoporosis.

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There is no definite symptom. However, increasing pain in the bones, difficulty in activities such as walking and moving. The damaged bones do not heal quickly, and the posture disorder increases. Especially pain in the knee, elbow and hip bones reduces the quality of life. Since bone resorption does not show any symptoms, experts recommend that people have their bone density measured for the above reasons.

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Treatment of osteoporosis is difficult because it is advanced. That’s why experts surgically place instruments such as platinum instead of bone. However, when it is noticed in the beginning, drug treatment is applied to strengthen the structure of the bones. At this point, the most effective is bone broth. In particular, bone broth made with marrow increases the density. In addition, special meal menus are prepared for the patient to take calcium and vitamin D. In addition, with physical therapy, the structure of the bones is strengthened.

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