What is orthostatic hypotension (Low Blood Pressure)? What are the symptoms of orthostatic hypotension?

Low blood pressure, which is the least risky among blood pressure diseases, causes problems such as dizziness. Advanced low blood pressure disease should be treated early. Orthostatic hypotension, that is, low blood pressure, which reduces the quality of life of the person, is experienced with a decrease in blood pressure. So what is Orthostatic hypotension (Low Blood Pressure)? What are the symptoms of orthostatic hypotension? In the details of the news:

The heart also acts according to gravity during its pumping task to distribute blood evenly throughout the body. As the blood level drops, the heart transmits blood to the brain and from there for the functional functioning of all organs. In the absence of oxygen or not enough blood, the heart cannot pump blood to the brain, which causes headaches. Experts say that low blood pressure is healthier than high blood pressure. However, advanced low blood pressure carries the risk of death. In a study conducted in a health center in the USA, low blood pressure was detected in 40 percent of people over the age of 65. In addition, women have a higher risk of low blood pressure than men. The reason why the disease is seen with age is that blood pressure decreases as the body functions decrease in advanced ages.

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– The most common cause of low blood pressure, that is, orthostatic hypotension, is the decrease in the amount of fluid in the veins. The more solid the blood, the greater the chance that the pressure will drop. This is usually caused by diarrhea or low water consumption. Excess fluid that comes out of the body during diarrhea causes the cells to dry out. Thus, the rate of fluid in the blood also decreases.

– Anemia or low blood values ​​caused by iron deficiency cause orthostatic hypotension. Insufficient oxygen in the blood circulation also paves the way for low blood pressure. Insufficient oxygen intake is also usually experienced in health problems such as nasal congestion or enlarged nasal glands.

– Antidepressants taken in excessive amounts are also among the conditions that cause low blood pressure. In addition, irregular sports exercises and diet list also lead to low blood pressure.

– Pregnancy causes orthostatic hypotension in diseases that lower blood pressure such as irregular heart rhythms and Parkinson’s.

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Nausea and vomiting, followed by sudden dizziness when standing up, are the first symptoms of low blood pressure.

Sudden feeling of drowsiness while walking, persistent tiredness.

As the symptoms increase, the posture, sitting and lying position of the body also changes.

Not staying in a hot environment for a long time

Experiencing an increase in allergic and infection conditions is among the symptoms of low blood pressure.



Potassium is one of the powerful values ​​affecting the blood level. Carrot is almost the richest food in terms of this value. Carrots are beneficial for both high and low blood pressure problems. Experts recommend that it be consumed by removing the water.

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Being rich in both iron and magnesium, one of the incredible benefits of spinach for body health is that it prevents low blood pressure. Magnesium stabilizes blood pressure. It also facilitates blood flow by preventing cardiovascular diseases.

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Mackerel FISH

Omega-3 acidic acid not only benefits cardiovascular diseases but also positively affects blood flow. That’s why experts recommend consuming honey once or twice a week. However, experts explaining that especially mackerel fish is beneficial for low blood pressure, says that it is the most guaranteed food thanks to the magnesium it contains.

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Experts recommend consuming at least 10 olives for breakfast, which is the food with the highest salt content. The lower the salt content, the lower the blood pressure. Therefore, salt supplementation should be made to balance the body in one place.

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