What is Nipah virus? Is there Nipah virus in Turkey? What are the symptoms of Nipah virus?

The nipah virus, which first appeared in Malaysia in 1999, had become an epidemic among pig farmers. However, it did not cause a global epidemic. In 2001 Bangladesh was spotted later in Indonesia. In 2021, it was almost time to become a global epidemic. We have compiled the things that are curious about nipah, which paves the way for upper respiratory tract diseases. What is Nipah virus?

An alarm has been issued about the nipah virus, which is seen as an epidemic in Asian countries in certain periods, but not seen throughout the world until last year. Nipah is a zoonatic virus that is transmitted from animals to humans by contact, especially from bats. It causes serious infection by settling in the acute respiratory tract. Although it is an Asian country virus, the number of cases infected with this virus is higher in the USA now. Because the virus becomes a more severe variant in pigs. Since there are many pig farms in the USA, the number of cases here is also high. However, after the death of a 12-year-old child in India due to the virus, it was discussed that the virus should become a global epidemic rather than the deadly side. After the coronavirus, it caused fear and panic. The virus is not seen in our country.


The nipah virus, which is known as NIV in scientific records, occurs when a virus known as zoonosis in animals is passed to humans. The virus is found in pigs and bats. The virus has a risk of transmission through contact. There is evidence that the virus settles in the nervous system and disrupts the system there. Studies have shown that it causes inflammation in the brain by damaging the nervous system rather than breathing. It spreads quickly among very close people. Symptoms appear 3 days after the virus settles in the body. If the immunity is strong, the body will fight this virus for 14 days. But it can cause damage and death in people with low immunity.


It can cause serious damage by settling in the nervous and respiratory systems. It causes broken body pain as it causes inflammation of the muscles. High fever, headache, respiratory distress, stomach pain, vomiting and nausea, their severity increases day by day.


Studies have shown that the virus is also transmitted between animals. It has been learned that it can also be seen in horses, sheep, cats and dogs. That’s why experts warned about caring for animals in areas where the virus is common.


Although the virus dates back to ancient times, there is no cure yet. There are some medications that are made to strengthen the respiratory and nervous system in severe cases. However, a drug that prevents its spread has not been produced.

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